10 Things That Make Me #BOSUstrong


10 Ways I'm #BOSUStrong #SweatPink #ad

Week 4 BLOG & CHALLENGE PROMPTS (10/5-10/9):


This week is the very last week of the #bosustrong challenge that has inspired me to stay balanced. Before starting the challenge, my goal was to incorporate strength and balance into my routine and now that we’re in the final week I plan to keep at it and finish strong! I couldn’t always make it for a run on the road(to the gym/for a trail run/in the pool), but I still was able to take it to the treadmill and exercise on the BOSU (workout) at home!

This week we’re focusing on the things that make us BOSU Strong. Here are the 10 things that make me #BOSUStrong:


  • I am resilient.
  • I will always persevere.
  • I never give up.
  • I do what I can to make it happen.
  • I love to set goals and crush them.
  • I am inspired to show my girls what it means to be strong.
  • I love to encourage others to find their own strength.
  • I have a great support system.
  • I am proud of what I’ve accomplished.
  • I hope to continue to achieve what I set my mind to.


Bonus: Tell us the ten best BOSU workouts you did, learned or saw during the challenge:

My 10 favorite BOSU moves… 1. BOSU Burpees 2. BOSU V-Ups 3. BOSU Push-ups 4. BOSU Forearm Planks 5. BOSU Toe Taps 6. BOSU Side Lunge 7. BOSU One-Legged Squat 8. BOSU Bird-Dog 9. BOSU Med-Ball Chops 10. BOSU Mountain Climbers. 

So I want to know – are you #BOSUStrong? Copy and paste the above, fill it in and make it your own and then tag me in it and share with your friends! Let’s all be #BOSUSTRONG.


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The daily prompts are below. You can also follow along HERE.


Week 4, SHOW US YOUR #BOSUSTRONG! (10/5-10/9):

(Make sure you tag @Bosu_Fitness on Instagram & @BosuFitness on Twitter):

Monday, 10/05: It’s #moveitmonday. Show us how you’re moving it this Monday. #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Y’all know we love to #jumpjoymonday! Show us your BEST jump shot and tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Tuesday, 10/06: It’s #tempotuesday! Show us what makes you #BosuStrong! @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Bonus: It’s #triceptuesday and we want to see what makes you #BosuStrong. #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Wednesday, 10/07: Planks, planks and more planks! Plank it out and show us how you’re #BosuStrong @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Bonus: #workitwednesday, show us how you’re workin’ it this Wednesday and tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Thursday, 10/08: It’s #totalbodythursday. Show us your favorite total body move – the one that truly makes you feel #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Give us a #tbt of your favorite moment of this challenge #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Friday, 10/09: #FreeFriday. Show us your #BOSUstrong! #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Happy #forearmfriday. Let’s all celebrate the final day of the challenge with dolphin pose! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad


Notes: You do not need to own or have access to a BOSU to participate. By participating you will have a chance to win a BOSU and other fun prizes. And please, if you are using a BOSU throughout this challenge, never stand on your BOSU with the dome facing down (images or moves down on the BOSU incorrectly will not count during this challenge).


BOSU Sweatpink Discount! #BOSUstrong #sweatpink @fitapproach

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Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Fit Approach (Sweat Pink) community.

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