10th Annual Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run Race Recap

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run Race Recap

Today I participated in my first ever Tipp Hill Shamrock Run and first ever 4 mile race! I knew going into it that it would be a wee bit hilly since it takes place on the historic Tipperary Hill, home of the famous “Green on Top” traffic light and popular Irish Pubs such as Coleman’s.  

I also knew it was going to be a wee bit cold with temps in the mid 20’s (much warmer than it has been but still cold), so I dressed appropriately in several layers wearing my new Actio926 “Run Like the Wind” leggings and “Sprint to the Finish” top (not pictured), Ragnar Relay jacket and Feetures! socks.  

Ragnar Relay, Feetures!, Shamrock Run Outfit, St. Patrick's Day, Running

A friend of mine who I also ran the Cupid’s Chase 5k with encouraged me to sign up telling me how she loved running it last year so of course, without much hesitation, I signed up and figured if all else failed, I would just run this hilly four miler for fun.  

We left pretty early hoping to find a close parking spot since we knew it was going to be a hassle with over 3000 runners having registered.  Unfortunately, we got stuck in traffic on the way due to an accident but still managed to find a spot up the hill from the rink where all the runners were picking up their packets and gathering to stay warm. 

Once inside, we stood around attempting to get warm admiring all of the festive outfits in the sea of green… 

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run IMG_0200

After hanging out and people watching for a few, it was finally time to head to the starting line where we froze our buns off while they sang the National Anthem and recited an Irish Prayer.  Right after that we were off and despite how I felt, it was not exactly the slow start I had intended. 

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The first half mile wasn’t too bad but as we rounded the end of it, we encountered quite a large hill which I somehow managed to make my way up without dying. The rest of the course was a lot of the same….huge hill, steep down hill, huge hill, steep downhill…repeat that times four.  It was a little rough to say the least and I though I could tell I was pushing myself, I couldn’t tell if it was because of the hills, my speed or both. 

For those of you who are familiar with the area….here is the course map: 

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run Course Map


I even managed to get a quick picture of the upside down stoplight as I was running without tripping over myself…. 

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run

 Like I said, much of the course was hill repeats and I was never so thankful to see the finish line though it felt a little longer than the 4 miles that they claimed it was.  

Despite the never ending 4 miles, I finally saw the finish line in sight and sprinted as quick as I could just so I could be done with it…..finally an end in sight from all those hills.

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run

We are smiling because we managed to finish without puking or freezing to death from the windchill. 

Though I was happy with my time and happy to be done, it became quickly obvious that the course ran a little longer than the 4 miles that they claimed it was.  Most of our GPS watches read 4.2 miles which is a significant difference when you’re calculating pace.  

I finished with a gun time of 31:42 and a net pace of 31:29 with an overall pace of 7:53.  If you calculate the extra .2 miles, that changes to a pace of 7:29 min/mile which seemed a bit more accurate to me.  

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Regardless of my actual pace, it was an automatic PR since it was my first ever 4 mile race, BOOYAH! Can’t really argue with that! 😀 

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run Race Recap

Did you race this weekend? Have you ever participated in a race with a course longer than it was supposed to be? 

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