2014 In Review: A Look Back at My Year of Running

runningreviewI can’t even describe what a crazy year it has been.  Not only did I start my blog (that’ll be a whole other post) which has allowed me to share my passion for food and fitness but I also went from running the occasional 5k to tackling my first half marathon.

In 2014 I completed four 5k races, two 10k’s, a virtual 10 mile race, virtual half marathon, a Ragnar Relay and ended the year with a Rock’n’Roll half marathon.  It doesn’t seem like a lot compared to some other runners but given the fact that it was my first real year of running and even happened to place in a few, I am still proud of myself.  Here is a quick look back: 

The first race I placed in was the Ride and Run 5k back in June.  This was my first real race of the season and not only did I PR but I also placed 2nd in my age group. Ride and Run 5k

I also got this sweet pint glass instead of a medal, which I was totally fine with! Definitely have put it to use since then 😉

The other 5k I placed in was the Arc of Onondaga 5k in September.  This time I placed 1st in my age group and but not without embarrassing myself in the process. Arc Race Recap

I was rewarded with TWO medals plus a $40 gift card to Wegmans (super awesome grocery store)- HECK YEAH! One of the best awards ever! 

I also placed in one of the two 10k’s I ran.  I was actually hesitant to run the Harborfest 10k because I heard how hilly and hard it was- come to find out, that was 100% true but I busted my little butt as fast as I could and ended up placing 2nd in my age group!Harborfest 10k Race Recap

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I think this is one of the races that I am most proud of completing not necessarily because of my pace, but because it was HARD and I had to work for it, pushing myself as hard as I ever have and it paid off.  Not sure that I will sign up for this race again since it was that hilly but I am really glad I went for it.

I also ran Ragnar Relay Adirondacks in September which is for sure one of the highlights of the whole year for me.  I had an absolute BLAST and really pushed ALL of my limits, proving to myself that I am capable of more than I think.  10671235_10203754506156710_255806814425892937_n

Aside from pushing limits, I got an awesome 22 mile tour of the Adirondacks on foot.  The beauty of the Adirondacks in the Fall is seriously spectacular! 

I also participated in two long distance virtual races in the comfort of my own back yard, one of them was the Skirt Sport #10on10 and the other was the #VegRunChat Half Marathon.  I ran both like I was in an actual live race and ended up placing first overall female in the half marathon! I got some pretty sweet swag as a prize for it too! #vegrunchat swag-pack

By far, my biggest accomplishment of 2014 was training for and finishing the Rock’n’Roll Vegas Half Marathon.  I trained months and months for this.  Literally trained my buttocks off.  I went into the race coming off an an injury, fighting a cold, feeling like crap. That didn’t stop me from giving it my all though and while I didn’t finish the race at my goal, I am certainly not complaining.  If anything, I learned some valuable lessons in the process. RnR Las Vegas Going into 2015, I am going to take the lessons I learned and train better, smarter and even take my goals to another level.

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I’ll be starting 2015 with the Chili Chilly 5k, but that’s just the warm up <—haha, get it?

I also signed up to run the Syracuse Half Marathon at the end of March, which will be my chance at redemption.  I was so close to my goal time of 1:45 at the Rock’n’Roll that I could taste it and I am going to do everything I can to get there.

I have already started to follow a training plan with prescribed runs as opposed to just creating my own schedule plus I will still continue to incorporate strength training into my routine to balance everything out .  I even have a new Garmin GPS watch so I can keep a closer eye on my pace.   

My biggest goal of 2015 isn’t just to crush my half marathon time though,  I will be testing my limits like I never have before- I’m officially registered for my first marathon! wineglass marathon

Yup- I’ve gone full crazy but I’m honestly excited about it.   I don’t have a time or a certain pace in mind, my goal is just to finish it.  I know that won’t be easy but if this past year has taught me anything, it’s that I am capable of accomplishing more than I ever thought possible.  

Girls Gone Sporty has declared this the year to push your boundaries, challenge your expectations (#PYBCYE) and as one of their ambassadors, I can comfortably say I will be doing just that.  

 QOTD: What are your 2014 accomplishments and 2015 goals? 

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