4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Overall Health & Wellness

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While men might get the bad rap for not taking their health seriously, it is often women who end up sacrificing their health for the wellbeing of their family. 

Whether it be children, ailing parents or just the normal demands of life prioritizing time to eat healthy, workout, take a mental health day or get ourselves to the doctors feels like just another thing on the to-do list.  

On a personal level, I see my mom sacrificing her wellbeing often.  She’s always doing something for someone else – taking care of my 100 year old grandfather, babysitting my children or running to and fro just to fit it all in.  

I have to admit that while I have a very supportive husband and mom who help with the kids when I need some me time (aka running), it’s easy for me to push my wellness by the wayside especially on super busy days.  

So, as a gentle reminder to myself (and all the other women out there), I figured why not list some EASY ways to improve overall health and wellness in honor of National Women’s Health Week which kicks off on Mother’s Day – May 14th! 
4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Overall Health & Wellness

Find out what makes you unique.

23 & Me - 4 Ways to Improve Overall Health and Wellness

It might sound strange to suggest a DNA test to improve wellness but knowing where we come from and who we are can help us learn more information about our genetic origins.  

Companies like 23 & Me break down your ancestry composition using your DNA which is collected through a saliva sample.  Through the test you will discover where your DNA comes from around the world, be given an ancestry timeline traced through generations and learn exactly when an ancestor was introduced from a single ethnicity.  

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All information that can make you feel more connected to your roots, boosting your overall wellbeing.  23 & Me also offers a Health and Ancestry test which uses your DNA to break down genetic health risks, provides ancestry information as well as a wellness report that can even determine your predisposition to lactose intolerance.  

Right now through 5/14 you can save $20 on up to two tests. 

Give your gums some love.

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

Healthy gums play a bigger part in your overall health than you may think.   In fact, a healthy mouth can help you ward off medical disorders decreasing your likelihood of a heart attack, stroke and even diabetes.  

ARM & HAMMER Peroxicare Toothpaste helps to maintain healthy gums by cleaning deep between teeth and along the gum line using the power of baking soda.   This key ingredient helps to remove plaque which helps to reduce your risks to cardiovascular disease among a host of other health issues.  

Make your meals more nutrient dense.

Healthy Choice Power Bowls

Of course, the foods you choose to eat also matter.  Making sure that they’re high quality and nutrient dense is key.  Brands like Healthy Choice recognize that we don’t always have time to cook every meal and home and have recently shifted their focus to providing modern recipe options like this Adobo Chicken Power Bowl.  

Not only is the chicken raised without antibiotics it also consists of an intentional balance of nutrient packed ingredients which include over 16 grams of protein and 6-8 grams of fiber in every Power Bowl

Other bonus: these new bowls made out of plant-based fiber instead of plastic – meaning you aren’t ingesting unnecessary chemicals every time you eat! 

Get the bigger picture.


While activity trackers in and of themselves are all well and good, it’s also important to get the bigger picture on how your body responds to physical activity.  

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The Mio SLICE Heart Rate and Activity Tracker offers a new feature known as PAI or Personal Activity Intelligence which provides your personal score for overall health.  

PAI is a scientifically-validated metric based on heart rate, that tells you how much activity you need to live a longer, healthier life.  

Features of the Mio SLICE include:

  • continuous all day heart rate monitoring
  • tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • resting heart rate, sleep tracking and analysis 
  • provides smart phone notifications 
  • water resistant up to 30 meters. 


Having a fitness and activity tracker combined with heart rate monitor technology is not only fun but also helps to give you a bigger, more accurate picture on what you have to do to maintain good health and wellbeing.  


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