5 Foods Every Runner Should Be Eating

Okay, maybe saying “should” is a little strong and I am pretty much the last person to be the one to tell you what you SHOULD be eating.  Not only do I have randomly weird sensitivities to foods and cannot eat certain things but I truly believe that every person has their own individual needs and digestive systems processes food in slightly different ways. 

That being said, there are foods that can help your running performance.  How you fuel during a training cycle and what you eat before a race can truly make or break your speed and performance.  So, if you can tolerate (or like) any or all of these foods then you should definitely be including them in your fueling plan:

Medjool Dates

Whether you straight up eat a few Medjool dates (they’re like nature’s candy) or include them in a recipe, you’re going to benefit from them.  They’re an all natural energy boost packed with complex carbs, dietary fiber and 50% MORE potassium by weight than bananas. BOOM.

Naturally Sweetened Mocha Granola

Medjool date recipes: 



Eggs are packed full of protein making them one of the best foods to eat for recovery and help build muscle.  Choosing high quality eggs is also important.  Brands like Eggland’s Best are not only high in protein but also have six times more vitamin D and 25% less saturated fat. 

@EgglandsBest Egg & Arugula with Rosemary Garlic Toast Recipe {gluten free, dairy free} TheFitFoodieMama.com

Egg recipes:

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Sweet Potatoes

For me, sweet potatoes are where it’s at.  They’re packed with antioxidants, all sorts of vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C not to mention potassium, iron and other essential minerals that help boost performance and improve muscle function.  

sweet potato recovery fries

Sweet potato recipes:



What’s better than a bowl of hot oats before a cool morning run? They’re packed full of the carbs you need to fuel your run plus they’re high in fiber plus they’re a good source of protein and low on the glycemic index meaning that they will provide a continued release of energy to fuel your run. 

Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bake {Gluten Free} via @FitFoodieMama

Recipes with oats: 



You thought I would list my favorite foods to fuel and forget coffee? It’s literally how I start each of my days and not just because I am like a crazy medusa zombie without it.  Coffee offers a lot of benefits for runners especially if you drink it black.  Of course, you can also eat it too! 😉 The caffeine can give you a boost, helping you run faster.  Think of it as nature’s pre-workout.  

iced coffee 6

Coffee recipes:

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5 Foods Every Runner Should Be Eating for Optimal Performance


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