5 Hacks That Will Make You Run Faster

Like every runner, one of my goals is to run faster.  Shave time off my PR and  better my best.

While making it happen takes a lot of sweat, speed work and strength training, there are also some other more fun tricks that can temporarily boost your pace.  

5 Fun Tricks That Make you Run Faster via TheFitFoodieMama.com

Let’s call these little tricks “running hacks’.  You know, like life hacks.  A technique or strategy that you use to get things done more efficiently.  While some of these hacks might not be long term, they still can help boost your performance temporarily. 


Okay, maybe not literally but you don’t want your hands to be too clenched or too loose when you’re running.  If you clenched your fists too tight or with your thumbs up in the air, you’re expending energy that you could be using to run faster.  

Alternatively, you don’t want your hands to be loosey goosey and let the money fly away either.  If you pretend like you’re lightly holding a dollar bill your about to hand to a cashier (or whoever) then you’re more apt to keep your thumbs and fists in the optimal position for efficient form and faster running.



Another way to go faster is to jump! Yes, jump- as in jumping rope! Since running is a form of jumping, working on moves that involves plyometrics (like jumping rope, box jumps, long jump, vertical jumps, etc.), helps put more spring in your step when you run.  

Something as simple as jumping rope can make all the difference to help you to develop fast feet for faster running times! 


Coffee lovers rejoice! Studies have shown that strategically consuming coffee prior to a run can enhance your performance.  It has shown that caffeine boosts your mental alertness as well as giving you that extra motivation you need to work harder.  

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Oh and since caffeine also increases the amount of endorphins in your brain, your perception of effort decreases meaning you can run faster without realizing it! 


Not a coffee fan? Well, eating beetroot can have the same effects.  According to research, eating beetroot and drinking beetroot juice showed significant improvement in running performance and finishing times. Apparently the nitrates that are in the beetroot increased the athlete’s stamina therefore allowing them to run faster.

Once health food companies got word of these results, they hopped on the beet train making liquid and powdered versions readily available to anyone wanting to boost their performance.  Personally, I’ve tried Ignite by Healthy Skoop and I have to stay, it’s a delicious way to go #BeetMode before a run! 😉 


Speaking of beets… (haha, I had to)….running with music to certain BPM can help to make you run faster. 

I mentioned it before when I talked about the benefits of running with music, studies have shown that it can actually help improve performance.  When running to more upbeat, uptempo songs, runners tend to pick up the pace a bit as opposed to when they’re not listening to music. Essentially, it lowers the perception of effort you’re actually pushing at, dulls the pain and makes you push harder. Tip: Make sure your playlist has songs with tempos between 147-160 bpm.

Since music is meant to distract you, it only makes sense that you pick a pair of earbuds that don’t fall out or need untangling, right?

Thankfully Thriyve (affiliate link) makes bluetooth earbuds that not only stay in place but also provide some serious sound.

Thryive Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Thryive Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Other features of the Thriyve Bluetooth Elite xT Sports Earbuds include: 

  • Stay connected up to 30 ft from your Bluetooth enabled device
  • Quick 2 hour charge with 8 hours of playback
  • Lightweight, compact, comfortable and secure earbud
  • Tangle free cord
  • Control right from earbuds 
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I am a huge fan of being able to control the music right from the earbuds.  You can even mute the sound until you’re ready to get your groove on.  I have found this to be particularly helpful during races when I wear them so I can be set and ready to go while still hearing announcements and then start jamming out at the push of the button once I am ready to go. 

I am such a fan that Thriyve has offered to giveaway a pair to my readers for a third time! Want to win? Just enter using the rafflecopter below: 

Thryive Bluetooth Sports Earbuds Giveaway

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Didn’t win? No worries! You can still score 10% off Thriyve Bluetooth Elite xT Sports Earbuds at checkout with code FITMAMA! 

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