5 Pre-Race Meatless Pasta Recipes

Happy Meatless Monday! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and Easter if you celebrated.  I ended up hosting at the last minute which turned out perfectly all except for the fact that the grocery stores ran fresh out of supplies.  

You would think that the day before Easter Sunday the store would be freshly stocked but no…not where I live at least.  The place was picked clean.  Thankfully, we had gotten most of what we needed before hand though I wasn’t able to get the ingredients I needed for the recipe I was planning today. 

Since it’s officially race week for me (I have a half marathon on Sunday), I wanted to share a brand spankin’ new pasta recipe for today but the grocery store was literally out of everything that I needed….no asparagus, no green beans, no basil….nothing.  So I decided to skip to Plan B which is a quick roundup of five of my favorite pasta recipes to carbo-load with pre-race! 

Carboload before your next race with these gluten free and vegan pre-race pasta recipes! #MeatlessMonday

Before I get into these recipes, I should say that it’s common pre-race advice not to eat anything you wouldn’t normally eat the night before a race.  So if pizza seems to do the trick for you then most definitely stick to it.  

That being said, it is also common advice to avoid dairy foods in the days leading up to the race especially if you have a sensitive stomach so I’ve compiled five of my most favorite dairy and gluten free pasta recipes for those of you looking for some carbolicious noodle inspiration! 

Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta

Sweet Potato Pasta {gluten free, vegan}

Looking for the ultimate carboload? Look no further than this creamy sweet potato pasta.  Made with gluten free elbow macaroni and covered in a sauce made out of sweet potatoes without all the dairy, it is the perfect way to store all the carbs so you can run like a champ on race day. 

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Spinach & Artichoke Pasta

Dairy Free Spinach and Artichoke Pasta {Gluten Free}

If you’re craving something more comfort food-like but you don’t want to wreck your stomach or break the calorie bank then this Spinach & Artichoke Pasta will hit the spot.  Made with dairy free cream cheese and a splash of wine, it tastes naughty but it’s not! Keeps your waistline and your tummy happy AKA win-win! :)

Dairy Free Fettuccine Alfredo

Dairy free alfredo pasta

Think you need dairy to make Alfredo sauce? Think again.  Since pasta dish is made with coconut milk instead of cows milk, it’s free of dairy and other common tummy trouble causing ingredients meaning that you can “indulge” without paying the price or sacrificing taste! I would recommend swapping out the broccoli for some fresh peas if you’re going to enjoy this the night before a race just to ensure no bloating or stomach discomfort.  

Easy Vodka Alfredo Mushroom Penne

Easy Vodka Alfredo Pasta {gluten free, dairy free}

This is another Alfredo recipe but with a bit of a twist.  To give the dish some extra flavor, a splash of vodka is used.  Don’t worry, the alcohol burns off but it does leave behind some serious deliciousness that really takes the Alfredo flavor profile to a whole new level. 

Hot Caponata over Spaghetti 

Hot Caponata over Spaghetti {gluten free, dairy free}

If you prefer your pasta with a bit of a kick and know that your stomach can handle a little spice then this Hot Caponata dish is for you! A mix of diced eggplant and olives mixed in with a zesty tomato sauce served over a bowl of gluten free spaghetti- it’s the perfect way to carbo-load if you’re taste buds like a bit of sass! 

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Again, golden rule is nothing drastically new before and on race day but if you are looking for a creative way to enjoy your favorite ingredients then definitely give one of these meatless pasta dishes a try! 

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