AMRAP Bars Review & Giveaway

AMRAP Nutrition Bar Review Recently I was given the opportunity to try out and review AMRAP Nutrition Bars.  AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible and is a nod to CrossFit but really these bars should not just be exclusive to that community.  AMRAP bars are made up of real food and we all know that real food is much better than any of that crap with artificial preservatives and flavors.  Let’s be real- even if the label says “natural flavoring” there is a good chance that flavor came from some beaver butt.  If you have no idea what I am talking about- Google it, just not while you’re eating!AMRAP Girl w Kettlebell

Now that I have grossed you out, lets get back to the good stuff.  These bars on the other hand are 100% paleo, NON- GMO, gluten free, dairy free, preservative free and contain no artificial ingredients.  They are also high in protein and contain a high fat to carb ratio and come in three flavors- Almond & Honey, Fig & Cacao and Cashew & Vanilla. I was given one of each to try and I have to say; they were each mouth-watering in their own way!

First I’ll break each bar down by my initial impression and then flavor and nutrition information.  I like to do things in certain orders if you haven’t noticed- that would be my A-type personality kicking in.  Almond Honey The first bar that I tried was the Almond & Honey,  I was so anxious to try it that I took a bite and then another and then offered a bite to my husband so that I could share the deliciousness then it was gone before I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo of it.  While I am not a fan of things that are overly sweet- this bar was so tasty that I didn’t mind the natural sweetness that came from the honey.   The ingredients in this bar include: Raw Almond Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg-White Protein Powder, Raw Sesame Seeds, Raw Almond Chunks, Raw Honey, Ground Cinnamon & Sea Salt. Here is the nutrition label and facts: Almond Honey Nutritionals FINAL As you can see, all of the ingredients are made up of real, whole foods and  each one is chosen as it serves a purpose to help fuel the body.  If you go on the AMRAP site, they break down the reasoning for using these ingredients such as; honey to maintain glycogen levels and cinnamon to limit rises in blood sugar. Fig Cacao The next bar that I tried was the Fig & Cacao and I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect I am not a fig fan, really but I am and always will be a cacao (chocolate) lover! The first bite I took was good but the fig flavor was prevalent and the sweetness was more pronounced than the Almond & Honey.  I chose to enjoy it after a particularly hard kettlebell workout and while sweet and fig in flavor, it was definitely satisfying- so much so that I skipped my usual post-workout protein shake!  I also had my husband try it  (I saved a nibble) and he said it was really tasty so it really all depends on taste buds and preferences. AMRAP Review & Giveaway! The ingredients for the Fig & Cacao bar include: Dates, Egg-White Protein, Figs, Almond Butter, Almonds, Unsweetened Coconut, Cacao Nibs and Coconut Oil.  Here is the nutrition label and facts:Fig Cacao Nutritionals   Again, if you check out the AMRAP site, they describe their reasoning for using these specific ingredients such as; figs contain natural fibrous fruit sugars that help to fuel your workout, and figs and cacao promote cardiovascular benefits and improved circulation and blood flow to muscles.  Cacao also helps to remove free radicals and reduce inflammation.  Cashew Vanilla The last bar that I tried was the Cashew & Vanilla.  I enjoyed this nutrient rich bar along with a big cup of coffee for breakfast one morning before a workout.  It. Was. Devine.  I love cashews and vanilla is always a flavor win for me so I thought this bar was down right delicious.  I had planned on eating the entire bar myself but my little devil child decided that I needed to share.  She approves too 😉 AMRAP Review & Giveaway! The ingredients for the Cashew & Vanilla bar include: Cashews, Honey, Cashew Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg-White Protein, Vanilla Extract & Sea Salt.  Reasoning and benefits listed on the AMRAP site for using these specific ingredients include but aren’t limited to; cashews maximize energy levels through heart healthy monounsaturated fats  and raw coconut provides macro nutrients, protein, fiber, iron and zinc. Here is the nutrition label and facts: Cashew Vanilla Nutritionals FINAL-2 Overall, I really loved these bars! They are very tasty, easy to consume on the go (they aren’t hard and crunchy, which I hate), and are made with real, whole foods! In my opinion, they would be perfect post workout or between meals.  What I really love about AMRAP as a company is that they chose to use nutrient dense ingredients and that those ingredients serve a purpose to help fuel the body and promote growth, repair and recovery.  They aim to “raise the bar” with what they offer in comparison to what exists and I believe they do that very well!

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If I had one negative thing to say about these bars is that they are a bit higher in sugar than I am used to consuming but given that it isn’t added sugar, I can’t hate on it too much.  Out of the three, my favorite is for sure the Honey & Almond but that could just be because I love almonds 😀 Definitely going to order some to keep in the house!   


Now that I have told you how delicious these bars are, I bet you want to try them, right? Good news! AMRAP has agreed to do a giveaway of 8 bars to not one but THREE of my lucky readers! Just use the raffelcopter below to enter for your chance to win! I’m not going to lie- I am a bit jealous! I would love to win a box of these!!! 

Giveaway ends on 9/11! Good luck :) 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Disclaimer** Through my relationship with Fit Approach, I was given three free bars in exchange for review but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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Reply September 4, 2014

Type A's Unite! My review posts are always so long because I want to include what the company says PLUS my taste take on the item, your review was thorough, and my favorite was the Vanilla Almond as well! Didn't love the fig was stickier too! But I love the mindset of this company and I feel comfortable with these ingredients in my body...but not beaver butt :P
eatsandexercisebyamber recently posted...AMRAP Nutrition - Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply September 4, 2014

    Hahaha! We are definitely A-Type people for sure- the fig was just too much for me but I am sure if someone love fig then they would enjoy it! My husband happens to like fig and didn't mind the taste. I love that they justify each of their ingredients so I feel comfortable eating them!

Reply September 4, 2014

Almond and Honey!
Nela recently posted...5K Race {In the rain}My Profile

Debbie @ Healthy Running Mom
Reply September 4, 2014

They all sound yum! The cashew & vanilla may be my first pick. I love most that I know all of ingredients & there's nothing artificial in there.
Debbie @ Healthy Running Mom recently posted...Mid week happenings!My Profile

Stacey Niedzwiecki
Reply September 4, 2014

I LOVE figs so I am most excited to try the fig & cacao bars. Although the others sound great too!

    Reply September 4, 2014

    You would definitely love them then! They are figalicious ;P

Reply September 4, 2014

Must try these, they sound delish! Cashews and the figs both sound amazeballs!!
Autumn recently posted...Hamilton Beast VS. The GriddlerMy Profile

    Reply September 4, 2014

    They are both very yummy especially if you like figs!

Reply September 4, 2014

I'm liking what I see!!! Love bars for on the go! Type A...I know nothing about that!
Redd recently posted...Carrot Ginger SoupMy Profile

Marilyn @ Lipgloss+Spandex
Reply September 4, 2014

Vanilla & Cashew!

Amy Lauren
Reply September 4, 2014

I would try almond honey.
Amy Lauren recently posted...August Recap: Training for the Raccoon Pond Rush 10-Mile and Fall Equinox 10KMy Profile

Reply September 4, 2014

Awesome review, I so enjoyed my bars also. I mostly run, so these were great when I got home from being out on one.
Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted...AMRAP Nutrition Bars and GiveawayMy Profile

Nicole @ Fitful Focus
Reply September 4, 2014

I love the fig & cacao! I also love your coffee mug :)
Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted...Feed Your Hangry Athlete Beast – AMRAP Bar Review + GIVEAWAYMy Profile

liz l
Reply September 4, 2014

Vanilla & Cashew

Reply September 4, 2014

Almond and honey sounds delicious!
Jennifer recently posted...G is for Grrrrrreat!My Profile

Reply September 4, 2014

Fig and cocoa sounds the best!

Reply September 5, 2014

Cashew vanilla was my favorite! Fig cacao was my least, but they were all pretty good!
Kristin recently posted...BlogFest Lightning Round Swag Bag! {AMRAP Bar GIVEAWAY!}My Profile

Megan @ outlawontherun
Reply September 9, 2014

I think the fig ones sound pretty tasty!

    Reply September 9, 2014

    If you like figs you would definitely like it! :)

Reply September 10, 2014

Cashew and Vanilla!!!

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes
Reply September 10, 2014

The honey almond would be my choice!
Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted...Wonder Mom Wednesday: Ways to involve the kids in exerciseMy Profile

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