Arc Race Recap: A Total Pee R

Arc Race RecapThis morning I ran the first of four races that I am scheduled for this month- The Dunkin’ Run Arc Race.  There were several races that one could sign up for; the half marathon, 5K, 1 mile kids fun run and a 3K walk! The race is held to raise money for the Arc of Onondaga which is the largest service provider for people with disabilities in Onondaga County.  Along with a large Dunkin’ Donuts truck supplying runners and spectators with coffee, the race also had a family fun zone with a bouncy house and live entertainment for everyone to enjoy. The Dunkin' Run Arc Race 2014Unfortunately, because the weather was forecasted to be kinda crappy, I choose not to have my children come along, although it would have been a great race to bring them to and see them cheer me on! I even checked the weather forecast using my Weather Channel Outsider app for runners before leaving the house and that was even telling me it was going to be a wet day. 

photo 1That number 3 means that it was NOT my optimal running conditions…so I really didn’t expect to have that great of a race and definitely wasn’t going to lug the kiddos along if it was going to down pour.  Thankfully I had plans to meet up with my friend Renee from Bendiful Blog.  We had some trouble finding each other at first due to terrible cell reception.  Our texts weren’t being sent but we managed to run into each other with some time to spare before the gun went off.  She was there with a few other running friends and after chatting, we decided we should hit the bathrooms prior to start time. images-1

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 We each headed in opposite directions to our cars to put our stuff away and use the bathroom (because no one wants to run on a full bladder 😉 ) and had planned on meeting back where we left each other to head to the start.  While waiting for her I ran into my Aunt and Uncle which was a really nice surprise! We are all actually running the Rock’n’Roll Vegas Half Marathon together too- my family is pretty bad ass obviously 😉 

Arc Race Recap After looking around the starting line for Renee a little longer and not being able to find or reach her (since ya know, there was no text message service?!?), I made my way to the start with my Aunt and Uncle.  I have to admit that at this point I was feeling pretty nervous.   The last time I ran this course was for the Ride and Rescue back in June and where I last PR’d my 5K time.  I had high expectations from myself but with the weather being as humid as it was I wasn’t sure if I could pull off running it with any chance of PR’ing again.  

At any rate, when the gun went off I took off with the intention of trying my best.  As I hit the first mile mark I could hear my app notification telling me that my pace was 6:55 min/mile- um, that was way faster than I had intended to start or even thought I was going.  Around the mile and half mark I could feel my speed taking a toll on my body along with something else….a trickle …of pee.  My first thought- “ARE YOU SERIOUS? I JUST PEED! HOW DO I HAVE TO PEE AGAIN?” but I tried to put it in the back of my head and continue to focus on my pace.  Around the 2nd mile mark, I felt a trickle again then another trickle. All I could think of was “am I seriously peeing my pants? Can anyone see this?” I contemplated stopping at the next water station and just dousing it on me to cover up but that would have taken precious seconds away from my potential PR! imgresBy the last part of the 3rd mile I had full blown pissed my pants. There were professional photogs snapping race photos, and all I could think was that they were capturing the embarrassing wetness between my legs that I could no longer blame on sweat; there was literally no mistaking this.  As I neared the finish line and saw the time, I knew I was going to PR but all I could think about was how I had just PEED MY PANTS and how embarrassed I was.  

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My initial reaction was to want to run straight to my car change into my extra pair of pants I had brought (luckily I packed them) and drive away.  Then as I was changing it occurred to me that “you ain’t cool unless you pee your pants” and it really is a runner’s right of passage.i.chzbgrSo I put my big girl (dry) pants on and went back to the race to claim my finishers medal and see if I had placed! I am so happy I did because not only did I find Renee (yay) but I found another running friend who had kicked butt too (keeping her dry pants in tact).  

Yay! I found Renee!

Yay! I found Renee!

We both placed, woohoo!

We both placed, woohoo!

 I am so happy that I stayed because I ended up placing 1st in my age group which is a first time accomplishment for me! Usually I place 2nd or 3rd in my age group (if I place at all) and this award came with a sweet medal and a $40 gift card to Wegmans!!! I am still not sure if I am more excited about having an extra medal or being able to go on a mini shopping spree at my favorite grocery store ever! Arc Race RecapArc Race Recap

Regardless of my incontinence issue- I am going to call this race a success and am hoping that it is a good indication of how the rest of my races this month will go! :) 

QOTD: Have you ever peed yourself during a race? Please tell me I am not the only one!!! 


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