At Home Fitness: ActivMotion Bar Review

ActivMotion Bar

Through my relationship with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was recently given the opportunity to try out a new fitness tool called the ActivMotion Bar.  

As most of you know who read my blog regularly, I only workout from home and pretty much collect fitness equipment- which I actually use. I swear I am not one of those that lets that stuff collect dust. 

So when I was given the opportunity to try out and add a new tool to my collection, I was PUMPED especially because the ActivMotion Bar is unlike any other fitness bar out there.  

What makes it different? It’s filled with rolling steel weights which are always moving so it not only strengthens your core with each exercise but it also helps to improve your balance and stability.  

Essentially, the rolling steel weights in the ActivMotion Bar create variable resistance which causes you to engage both your mind and muscle with each movement.  This is something I am familiar with as I practice dynamic variable resistance exercises in many of my workouts with the sandbag which uses a similar concept. 

ActivMotion Bar

 The ActivMotion Bar comes in five different weight sizes, ranging from 6 lbs to 18 lbs and every bar comes with the Foundation Builder and Progressive Movement DVDs and are set up in a circuit-style format- which I absolutely love, by the way! 

ActivMotion Bar DVDs

 I was sent the 6 lb bar to test out and tried out both the Progressive Movement workout as well as the Dynamic Performance workout.  Each were only 30 minutes but don’t be fooled, they were quite effective.  

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What I loved most about the workouts is that I could actually feel the bar challenging my position with each exercise and movement as I did it- even with a 6 lb bar! Think about how hard speed skaters are in general, now add a bar with rolling steel weights- the instability of the weights literally forces you to engage your core and concentrate on your balance and stability.  

Take a look as I demonstrate speed skaters with the ActivMotion Bar in this video:

Other than the fact that it’s completely obvious that I’m much better behind the camera than in front of it, you can see how it takes traditional exercises up a notch and can literally hear the steel weights, or “balls” as I refer to them as, move! 

Here are some other examples of exercise movements that are included in the workouts I did: 

Sit Up Cross Toe Touch

ActivMotion Bar Sit Up Cross Touch

 The sit up cross toe touch starts in a sit up position then you rotate to touch the opposite foot with the bar, it’s a core burner for sure! 

Single Leg Hip Hinge 
ActivMotion Bar Single Leg Hip Hinge
My pictures don’t really do it justice but this single leg exercise is great for working on both balance, stability and coordination especially with the instability of the ActivMotion Bar which makes it even more challenging. 

You can check out more exercises here in their Movement Library that are specifically deigned  to utilize the rolling steel weights. 

Overall I really enjoyed incorporating the ActivMotion Bar into my fitness routine the last few weeks.  While the bar does make traditional moves more challenging, it is something that both beginners and pros can benefit from.  

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Since variable resistance training is something that I am already familiar with, I can speak to the fact that it is effective and really does work to strengthen your core and improve balance and stability.  I actually think I am going to invest in a few heavier bars just to challenge myself even more- I really enjoyed it that much! :) 

Do you workout from home? What is your favorite core exercise? 

This post was sponsored by ActivMotion Bar but as always, all opinions are my own.

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