August Accomplishments & September Goals

I started off August with a rest day and ended on a rest day which is not how I typically like to start and end my months but sometimes rest is best and listening to your body is better than pushing through pain or injury.  

Importance of Rest Days |


Despite starting and ending on rest days, I actually logged 108 miles which is a record amount of mileage in one month for me! I really wanted to end the month with 110 miles but my calf has been really bothering me over the last week and given the 4 races that I am signed up for in September, I felt it would be smarter just to give my body a break for a day and let it relax.  

August Mileage |

Other than two unplanned rest days in August, it was actually a really good month for training.  I not only ran my highest amount of miles in a month, but I also ran my furthest distance- 13.1 miles at a 8:19 min/mile pace! This is really exciting to me because it proves that I will be able to run my half marathon without too much worrying as long as my body cooperate otherwise.  My realistic goal is to finish in under two hours and my push-myself-to-near-death goal is to finish in 1:45 mins. That might be laughable and I’m not sure I should even say it out loud but in the back of my head that is my real goal.

August Accomplishments & September Goals 

Aside from continuing my half marathon training, I am going to be participating in 4 races this month: Arc Race, #10on10 virtual race, Rivertown Strollerderby and the Ragnar Relay Adirondacks. Of all of those races I am most nervous about Ragnar because I was bumped into Runner 6 position which means that I will be running a total of 21.5 miles- the most of any other leg.  YIKES! 

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August Accomplishments & September Goals |


So what’s my September goal you ask? Survive.  I just want to survive all these races, especially Ragnar- I won’t die, right? 

QOTD: What are your goals for September? Any big races on the calendar? 

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