Augusta Sportswear Review + Large Active Kit Giveaway

Augusta Sportswear Giveaway

Augusta Sportswear is a line of activewear that is made of high tech fabrics that are water resistant, moisture wicking and odor resistant- plus they have same day shipping which is always a bonus.  Who wants to wait around for new apparel to arrive? 

When I was given the opportunity to try out their “Small Active Kit” I obviously jumped at the chance.  I was sent the Jazzy Open Back tank, Ladies Action Color Block Capri and Cruise Duffel Bag

The Jazzy Open Back top features moisture wicking material with a halter front and cut away open back.  The Color Block Capris are also moisture wicking even have a hidden pocket in the back. SCORE! Love hidden pockets in pants! 😉   Both of these are in the black/power blue color but come in a variety of other color combos as well.  Augusta Sportswear Giveaway

The Cruise Duffel Bag has a main compartment with two zipper pulls, two zippered side pockets, two bound front pockets, outer mesh pocket and interior valuables pocket.  The handles are also foam padded which is great to take some stress off the shoulders when you’re lugging stuff around. 

Augusta Sportswear also has a great line of clothes for the guys too, including this Zeal Hoody which I am totally obsessed with.  I really want one of my own! Augusta Sportswear Giveaway

I mean seriously, it’s moisture wicking and has thumbholes.  Enough said, right? 

Well, the good news is that Augusta Sportswear is giving away a GRAND PRIZE [Large Active Kit] to BOTH a female AND male!  

The Women’s Active Kit contains all that you see in the top half of the photo below including the Jazzy Open Back tank, Color Block Capris and Cruise Duffel bag I received, plus a pullover and long sleeve performance t-shirt .  The Men’s Active Kit includes a moisture wicking t-shirt, pants, shorts, the awesome Zeal Hoody and drawstring backpack! 

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There will be ONE female winner and ONE male winner that will each receive a Large Active Kit.  Just use the rafflecopter below to enter. The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on January 25th.  Style/colors of the giveaway items may vary based on availability. 

Augusta Sportswear Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 This post is sponsored by August Sportswear.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Kelly Tupick
Reply January 13, 2015

I will get active in 2015 by getting back into hiking and hiking up Mt. Washington this summer.

Lisa Jones
Reply January 13, 2015

I'm getting my running mojo back in 2015 and I'm being consistent with my yoga practice as well.

Reply January 13, 2015

I love that tank! <3!!! For the rest of 2015, I'm going to continue lifting, BJJ-ing, and dropping in on group fitness classes at my hospital gym...and still hopeful about that Tough Mudder! *-*
Farrah recently posted...Vision BoardMy Profile

Mary Beth Jackson
Reply January 13, 2015

Super cute! and it is time for me to win one of your giveaways! :) This looks like perfect gear for running year round in Florida! hint, hint! :) The duffel looks really nice too! Cheers to running our way into 2015! well I am adding the yoga too!
Mary Beth Jackson recently posted...Visionboard 2015- Goals in Pictures!My Profile

liz l
Reply January 13, 2015

Continue running halfs and train for marathon

Erica @ erica finds
Reply January 13, 2015

Looks great on you! I am going to RUN (and lift and yoga and pilates and....)
Erica @ erica finds recently posted...Tried It Tuesday: Brighten Up 2015 with Smile Brilliant #GiveawayMy Profile

Vera K
Reply January 13, 2015

Well I actually joined a nice gym - that should help!

Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine
Reply January 13, 2015

RUNNING, yoga, weight lifting, spin! Everything!
Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted...Why You Can Get Fit At HomeMy Profile

Susie @ SuzLyfe
Reply January 13, 2015

I plan on running around and annoying the crap out of my husband :D
Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted...My Goal as a Personal Trainer : Client Fitness Self-SufficiencyMy Profile

Reply January 13, 2015

I really like their clothing! Seems functional and cute :)

I'm going to stay active in 2015 by continuing my running and sticking to my training plans!

Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes
Reply January 13, 2015

I love their clothes and how cool that they have same day shipping?! I will get active by running of course!
Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes recently posted...Getting my Booty into Gear!My Profile

Reply January 13, 2015

Last year was Spartan Races... This year, triathlon!

ellen casper
Reply January 13, 2015

I work out 2x with a trainer and 4x on my own per week at a gym

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes
Reply January 13, 2015

Such cute stuff! I plan on getting STRONG this year!
Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted...So many races…..need more time (and money)!My Profile

Reply January 13, 2015

I am setting goals for myself for attending the gym each month and if I reach those goals rewarding myself with new workout clothes, manis, pedis, etc! :)

Also, I accidently put my Instagram name under the Twitter section. I am following on both though! Thanks for the opportunity!

Reply January 13, 2015

I'll be staying active in 2015 by lifting, running, and making sure to get to a yoga class at least once a week.
Kristen recently posted...Do Not Binge Eat Black Bean BrowniesMy Profile

Julie @ Running in a Skirt
Reply January 13, 2015

Cute stuff! I like the back of the tank!
Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted...Black Bean Enchilada StackMy Profile

Reply January 13, 2015

I will stay active with running, and trying to incorporate more strength training to ward off those pesky injuries!

Reply January 13, 2015

This year I have signed up for my first triathlon, and am re-committing to my local yoga studio. I tend to fall into a rut sometimes when I work out, and, in 2015, I am getting and staying active by participating in all of these fun, challenging activities and more!

Reply January 13, 2015

Wow---this looks awesome! I am running 4 half marathons in 2015, so this would be perfect for me! :)

Reply January 13, 2015

I have a few half marathons on the schedule already hoping for a new PR for 2015

Reply January 13, 2015

Love the look of these outfits!! 2015 is going to be a busy year for me - I'm a relay runner for MS Run the US. I'll be running 165 miles in 6 consecutive days!
Tracy recently posted...Sunday Food Prep – Taking a little helpMy Profile

Lauren @ Lauren Runs
Reply January 13, 2015

Such a cute top-- I love it! I've got a couple races planned this year, but my big one is Ironman Wisconsin... 9.13.2015 baby!
Lauren @ Lauren Runs recently posted...35 Weeks to Ironman WisconsinMy Profile

Jessie Powell
Reply January 13, 2015

I would LOVE this! I need clothes so badly and money is tight with a son in college!

Kailey Ingerman
Reply January 13, 2015

Their clothes are so cute! I am training for a 10 miler and 2 half marathons (and a Reach the Beach in the Fall.) In addition to running, I really need to be better at cross-training and strengthening my glutes!
Kailey Ingerman recently posted...5 Things I am Loving Now!My Profile

Reply January 13, 2015

How are the construction and materials? I travel weekly and I'm always on the lookout for durable items! They look really cute!

Reply January 13, 2015

In 2015, I'm going to actually use the gym membership burning a hole in my bank account. ;)
Karen recently posted...Gaining ExposureMy Profile

Valerie @ The Style Files
Reply January 13, 2015

I hope to complete my third half marathon after baby is born!

Reply January 13, 2015

I plan on running at least 4 days a week and cross training with weights and yoga!

Natalie DiBlasio
Reply January 13, 2015

Training for my first 70.3! :)

Reply January 13, 2015

I'm going to Zumba! I've been certified since last Feb and have been too scared to teach my own class so that's my goal!

Smitha @Runningwithsdmom
Reply January 13, 2015

I love that color blue! And I plan on finishing that dang marathon and then start seriously lifting, and squatting and cross training!
Smitha @Runningwithsdmom recently posted...Gorton's #RealisticResolution #GIVEAWAYMy Profile

Reply January 13, 2015

I plan to run my first marathon this year!

Reply January 13, 2015

Listen to my body and more yoga!

Carrie A Groff
Reply January 13, 2015

I will be active in 2015 by doing fitness challenges with some of my favorite fitness trainers as well as improving my Yoga practice. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
Carrie A Groff recently posted...MadLib Monday! #NoExcuses #SweatPinkMy Profile

Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner
Reply January 13, 2015

I had never heard of them until the Sweat Pink challenge. I am excited to explore it fun!
Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted...Exciting Race Plans for 2015My Profile

Shiduna Townsend
Reply January 13, 2015

I am getting active by going for walks on decent days and working out at home on really frigid days. Eating more fruits and vegetables and trying to get more whole grains into my diet.

Nicole @ Fitful Focus
Reply January 13, 2015

I'm entering on behalf of my boyfriend! He'd love some new gear, but will never go out and buy his own!
Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted...Essential Oil Focus: How To Get a Happy GutMy Profile

Holly E
Reply January 13, 2015

I am walking daily and learning yoga.

Ken C
Reply January 13, 2015

Plan to run 1000 miles

Reply January 13, 2015

Strength training and yoga!
Earl-Leigh recently posted...Water & Green Smoothie Love {Use the Coconut}My Profile

Jamie King
Reply January 13, 2015

More running, yoga and trying new things this year!

Jess @hellotofit
Reply January 13, 2015

That blue looks SO cute on you!! I plan on committing to practicing yoga at least once a week :)
Jess @hellotofit recently posted...More yoga, pleaseMy Profile

Stacey Niedzwiecki
Reply January 14, 2015

I am running my first half marathon this year...and considering another. ;-)

Abby @ BackAtSquareZero
Reply January 14, 2015

More running with some speedwork & strength training.
Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted...Charleston Half Marathon – Taper TimeMy Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

What a great giveaway! I plan on running, hiking, and strength training to stay active this year
Sharon recently posted...My Vision BoardMy Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

those colors look AMAZING on you, so does the whole outfit :) jealous I missed this opportunity! but also have missed blogging in general, sending you love and hugs <3
Amber recently posted...Meal Prep Tips  - How to Store MeatsMy Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

I'm running at least 12 races this year!

Smitha @RunningwithSDMom
Reply January 14, 2015

Oh that! I am running a Marathon. A freaking Marathon. I really want to win the men's outfit for my husband! He really really deserves it!
Smitha @RunningwithSDMom recently posted...Gorton's #RealisticResolution #GIVEAWAYMy Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

Super cute stuff! It all looks great on you! :) I will be getting active by training for an Olympic distance triathlon!!
Ariana recently posted...Breaking Down a GoalMy Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

I'll be running, racing, and doing workout dvds to stay active in 2015!
Sherry recently posted...Last Week’s Workouts Recap (1/5-1/11)My Profile

Justin F.
Reply January 14, 2015

I always am running, but with a 1 year old son I'll really be on the move in 2015

Reply January 14, 2015

Love it! This is such a great giveaway! :)
Sami recently posted...Fruity Oats and Yogurt Recipe & GIVEAWAY!My Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

I plan on rehabing from my knee injury, and then shooting for a 13.1 PR this year!

Reply January 14, 2015

I plan on getting fit training for my 2 half marathons!

Kristin Goodson
Reply January 14, 2015

I want to do more active things with my son like biking and hiking! I am continuing to do youtube workout videos at home.

Angelena Marie
Reply January 14, 2015

This looks like great active wear! I love the next day shipping! I am in need of some new workout capris!!
Angelena Marie recently posted...Wild Workout Wednesday Week #2- Slow and Steady Wins the RaceMy Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

What fun! I have some marathons and, of course, lots of yoga on tap for 2015! WHEEEE!
Lora recently posted...One Tribe Apparel Harem Pants Giveaway!My Profile

Reply January 14, 2015

I'll be running all the races to be active in 2015! Can't wait.

Reply January 14, 2015

I am revamping my training so I can run faster!
Carson recently posted...Defining 2015 with one word. #noexcusesMy Profile

Kelly F
Reply January 14, 2015

I plan to start walking twice a day and start up yoga! :)

Adrienne Williamson
Reply January 15, 2015

I recently joined a new gym, and I take my daughter jogging!

Reply January 15, 2015

Aside from keeping up with my 3 young sons, I am going to start some crossfit-style workouts.

Reply January 15, 2015

For the first time in my life I've stayed committed to training daily for 10 months. When before it only late a few weeks.

Ben J
Reply January 15, 2015

I'm training to set a marathon PR in 2015 and hoping to run at least 1,800 miles for the year.

Reply January 15, 2015

I'm going to try out some new classes offered at my gym. Body pump and Zumba!

Mary Long
Reply January 15, 2015

I would love to win this tank. There was a colorful pair of capris that I are awesome too. It's back to running for me soon but in the meantime, it's at home workouts for me!
Mary Long recently posted...It’s been a great start to 2015!My Profile

Joe M
Reply January 16, 2015

Thanks for the contest! Great Prizes!

Reply January 17, 2015

Half marathons #5 (spring) & 6 (fall) have a good bit of my year planned out! Also being more intentional about scheduling strength training.

Reply January 17, 2015

You look great Annmarie!! You have been motivating me to get moving in 2015 and get my butt in shape!!

    Reply January 17, 2015

    Aw, thanks Amber!!! :*

Kay Lynn
Reply January 18, 2015

I am working out with Kaia Fit several days each week in addition to walking.
Kay Lynn recently posted...Gorton’s Realistic Resolution Challenge (Giveaway)My Profile

Reply January 19, 2015

walking to work and playing basketball on Saturday nights.

Brandy Y.
Reply January 19, 2015

Taking up yoga. I started right before I found out I was pregnant and felt ill when doing it, so I stopped. :)

Seth @ Giveaway Guy
Reply January 19, 2015

My wife and I have signed up for a few road races.
Seth @ Giveaway Guy recently posted...Super Bowl fever is high! Enter to win Madden NFL 15 (giveaway)My Profile

Reply January 20, 2015

I am getting active by exercising and walking more.

Reply January 21, 2015

I'm trying to get to the park more with my kids, and actually run while I'm there.
Gale recently posted...10 Facts About Slavery - And a GiveawayMy Profile

Cora Kirkpatrick
Reply January 21, 2015

I am staying committed to working out 5 days a week and running 3-4 days a week. :)

Reply January 21, 2015

I will get active by going to spin classes, weightlifting and running to train for my 10 scheduled OCR's this year.

Reply January 21, 2015

Running and yoga!
Amy recently posted...Not Everyone is a Great Running PartnerMy Profile

Reply January 22, 2015

I am getting active in 2015 by ramping up my training!!! Adding in some cross training to my running and some strength training!
Whitney recently posted...2014 In ReviewMy Profile

Laura Royal
Reply January 22, 2015

I messed up entering my tweet and couldn't edit it so here it is

John @ run. geek. run(disney)
Reply January 22, 2015

In 2015 I'm getting active through continuing to run and by training for and completing my first sprint triathlon.
John @ run. geek. run(disney) recently posted...Perfect Parade Perspective | Magical MickeyMy Profile

Reply January 22, 2015

I'm going to wear my fitbit and aim to increase my steps taken each day

Amanda (@mommygorun)
Reply January 23, 2015

I am just going to keep running! I am getting my kids more involved too. And who's up for WiiFit Fridays?!?!?!
Amanda (@mommygorun) recently posted...#NoExcuses Mad Libs! #sweatpinkMy Profile

Reply January 23, 2015

ill be active with running, gym and yoga.

Marla L.
Reply January 23, 2015

I signed up for a bootcamp to improve my fitness and will continue to run and train for marathons

Liz @ Loving to Tri
Reply January 23, 2015

That tank is awesome! I'd love to wear it on my runs!
Liz @ Loving to Tri recently posted...5 Things About MeMy Profile

Reply January 23, 2015

I signed up for a half marathon! I also plan to do about 5 triathlons!
Sandra recently posted...Glory DayMy Profile

Lisa N.
Reply January 24, 2015

I'm working on a running streak. At least 2 miles every day. Not sure how long it'll last but I'm 23 days in so far!

Sadie B.
Reply January 24, 2015

I am making time to get back to running 3 times a week. I have scheduled time to do it and will stick by it.

Reply January 24, 2015

I'm getting as active as possible with swimming, biking, running, skiing, yoga and weight lifting - all in preparation for my first 70.3! It's in Augusta, so I think some Augusta Activewear is in order!

Reply January 24, 2015

I'm getting as active as possible with swimming, biking, running, skiing, yoga and weight lifting - all in preparation for my first 70.3! It's in Augusta, so I think some Augusta Activewear is in order!

Reply January 24, 2015

I am getting back into rock climbing

Laura H
Reply January 24, 2015

I will be active in 2015 by getting back to my running and yoga!

Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More
Reply January 24, 2015

I will move more!
Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More recently posted...She’s 17, But I Haven’t Aged a Bit.My Profile

Amanda Whitley
Reply January 25, 2015

i will get active by playing tennis and taking my kids and going for walks.

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