Beautiful Day for a PR- Ride and Run Race Recap

It was such a gorgeous Saturday here! Sun shining, high seventies and a light breeze.  The PERFECT day to enjoy the weather and run a 5k! Actually, 50-60 degrees and a bit cloudy are my optimal running conditions but honestly the Rescue Mission couldn’t have picked a better day for the Ride and Run.  

Ride and Run 5k Recap #RescueMission

When I got there I met up with Renee from Bendiful Blog and her friend Elisabeth.  It was our first time meeting in person but I stalk her, or I mean read her blog often so I felt like we had known each other forever! While we were waiting for the 5k to start we watched all the cyclists take off to ride and chatted with a few of the other runners.  Renee even gave an interview about the Ride and Run and looked all sorts of official doing it.  Props to Renee because my cheek was just twitching in nervousness standing next to her! 

Ride and Run 5k Recap #RescueMission

A few minutes later we were at the starting line and the gun went off starting the race right at 9:30 and honestly I was not expecting to have a great run. It was warmer than I am used to and I was sweating all my hydration out.  Surprisingly, after the first 10th of a mile I felt the need to just run, so I did.  Parts of the course were really shady, which was a god send but I’m not going to lie, the sun felt like it was beating on me at times.  However, I could tell I was speedier than normal and when I checked my phone and saw my pace I committed to keeping at it.   The last 10th of a mile was up a small hill, over a bridge and rounded to the parking lot to the finish.  When I saw the time on the clock I knew I was going to PR and sprinted as fast as my sweaty buns could take me! 

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Ride and Run 5k Race Recap #RescueMIssion

Woohoo! I ended up placing 2nd in my age group and received a pint glass as my medal.  I’m all about race bling but a pint seemed like a much better way to celebrate my accomplishment.  Speaking of accomplishments, guess who also PR’d?

photo-3Renee! What a great race for the both of us! I couldn’t have been happier to finally meet her in person and for us both to set a personal record for this race! It was so much fun and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. That being said, I am currently rewarding myself with a large pint of wine.  Thats a thing, right?  If not, it is now. 

Ride and Run 5k Race Recap #RescueMission

Go hard or go home 😉 Cheers! 

 Did you run any races this weekend? Would you rather have a medal or pint glass as race bling? 

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