Chilly Chili 5k Race Recap

Chilly Chili 5k Race Recap

Today I ran the Chilly Chili 5k in Cazenovia, NY- my first 5k of 2015! 😉 While I am sure I could belabor this post and complain about running a race with a lingering cold in the cold, I will just give a brief recap mostly told in pictures.  

When I say it was cold, that is kind of a gross exaggeration in comparison to the type of freezing weather we’ve been having lately.  It was actually a “warm” 25 degrees but there was a bit of a breeze making the “feels like” temperature a bit colder. Chilly Chili 5k Race Recap

Right before the race started I met up with my Ragnar Adirondacks team who I haven’t seen since we all ran together in September! I felt like I was being reunited with my long lost family…I really have missed them so much! Chilly Chili 5k Race Recap

Right after we snapped a quick picture together, we headed to the start where we had to line up according to our paces.  I was in the “Hot” corral though I was feeling a bit cool while standing there. 😛 

IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0160

Just a few minutes after 1PM the gun fired and we were off.  I have to admit I didn’t feel like I was going that fast and I had no intentions of trying to PR this race since I just ran 12 miles the day before plus the temperature and road conditions really weren’t optimal.  I also didn’t really know what to expect since I had never participated in this race before.  Here is a course map for those that are familiar with the area:Chilly Chili 5k Race Recap

You might recognize that there are some hills in there if you live or are from there, if you’re not from there please just know, it was quite hilly.  There were actually parts that were very slushy, especially on the downhill and I totally regret not wearing my YakTrax. 

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I felt like I was struggling most of the time and my new GPS watch was pretty much telling me that I was going at about an 8:20 pace.  I felt winded and like I was working hard but given the weather and conditions plus my current cold and mileage yesterday, I figured I really was just going at that pace.  

At the last turn, I rounded the corner to see the finish.  Normally I sprint as fast as my little feet can take me to cross the finish line but this time it felt more like a fast jog.  The clock read 24:27 as I crossed the finish and between the cold and my (apparently) broken GPS watch (which I started it late), I didn’t have any idea what my pace was. 

Once we got inside to the chili cook-off, we found the results posted on the board.  I surprisingly came in 5th in my age group with an official time of 24:27 at a 7:53 pace….not too bad given the temperature, my chest cold and my over worked legs. Chilly Chili 5k

Obviously the next thing to do after confirming our finish times was taste testing all of the delicious chili and wine (and beer for those that could drink it) that was provided for all of the race participants.  I was even excited to find some gluten free and vegan chili from Strong Hearts Cafe which obviously got my vote for best chili 😉 Chilly Chili 5k Race Recap

I also ran into my Aunt and Uncle who participated the race as well- it has been become kind of a running joke (pun intended) that we run into each other at all of the races- they even ran the RnR in Las Vegas! My Aunt ended up placing 3rd in her age group which was awesome.  IMG_0167 IMG_0166

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She totally rocks! Obviously running “runs” in the family- (another pun intended) 😉

Overall, although it was cold, I have a cold and the course was more challenging than expected, I think I did pretty well and it was a great race to kick off 2015! Next race on the calendar is the Syracuse Half Marathon which I am hoping to PR.  I have been training my little butt off so only time will tell :) 

QOTD: Did you race this weekend? How did it go? 

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