CNY Tour de Cure- Help Stop Diabetes


On June 8th, thousand of cyclists will join together to ride in Verona Beach, NY to help stop diabetes. The American Diabetes Association fundraiser, CNY Tour de Cure, takes place in an effort to combat diabetes by raising funds for research, promoting healthy living and raising awareness against the deadly disease.

Why Ride?

Diabetes is a deadly disease in which the body does not produce or process insulin properly.  Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed in 5-10% of those with the disease and Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90-95% of those diagnosed.  Still, with all our modern day research, the cause of diabetes remains unsolved. 

Personally, I know several people in my life who suffer from diabetes and have seen them struggle with the daily symptoms.  It is a disease that affects every aspect of their life and has serious complications if not managed properly.  Unfortunately, I am unable to participate in this year’s event but figured if I couldn’t ride then at least I could help to spread awareness. I think a cycling tour around Verona Beach sounds beautiful and a fun way to sightsee.   It would also be a great way to support the cause since there are various length routes to choose from, so it isn’t a matter of skill level.  


About the Ride 

 The event is open to all fitness levels and features routes from 15 miles- for those who have had little to no training, to 100 miles- for those who are more experienced cyclists. The Red Riders, who are riders living with diabetes, are considered the VIP’s of the day and will lead everyone out.  It is the event’s way of supporting those with the the disease and showcasing the courage it takes to live with it every day. For more information on route descriptions and the various mileages available to sign up for, you can visit this link.  

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Although this event is designed for both beginner and advanced cyclists, it is still important to review and practice some basic training advice.  These training tips, which are provided on the ADA Tour de Cure website, offer information on how to fuel, keep hydrated and follow a plan.  They also mention specific tips on how to train if you are a participating as a diabetic rider.  



Whether you want to to register as an individual rider, form a team or join a team you can do so by visiting this link.  There is a tab to donate as well if you can’t make it but would like to support the cause. You can also get updates and follow news about the event on their Facebook page, Tour de Cure- CNY.  

Do you know someone with diabetes? Have you ever participated in a Tour de Cure? 


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