Cupid’s Chase 5k Race Recap

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Cupid's Chase 5k Syracuse, NY Race Recap

Two weeks ago I announced that I would be running my first race of 2016, the Cupid’s Chase 5k.  While the weather had been predicted to be frigidly cold with a temperature in the single digits, I had committed to running it anyway.  I was prepared with my Fitletic gear, double layer of fleece lined running tights and parka-like running jacket.  

It never happened though.  Not too long after my post went live, I received an email stating that the race had been canceled due to weather concerns.  The forecasted temperature had dropped from the single digits to below zero and the race officials just felt it wouldn’t be safe so they rescheduled the race for a week later- the 20th.  

Honestly, I was a bit relieved.  While I would have gone through with it, the idea of not having to literally freeze my buns off was okay with me.  In fact, it turned out they made the right decision as not only did temperatures drop WELL below zero but also this past Saturday happened to be PERFECT running weather. 



Yes, there was literally a 67 degree difference in one week.  That is Central New York weather in a nutshell. The warmer temps also meant that I didn’t have to dress in a snowsuit.

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So, after a 7 mile pre-race run (part of half marathon training) and donned in a single layer of cold weather gear and my new Fitletic Bib Belt, I made the 1/2 hour car ride from home along with a friend to the Cupid’s Chase 5k.  

We arrived with plenty of time to grab our packets and pee.  Just as I was fastening my bib I realized that I totally forgot my Garmin.  I swear I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached but still, who forgets their Garmin on race day? Me.  

Anyway, Garmin-less I lined up among the crowd and was happy to see that the course was a heck of a lot clearer than last year which meant that I might have a chance of actually racing vs running. 

cupid's chase cupids chase 2

We made our way up to the starting line and took off at the sound of the horn.  

At first, I felt great.  I was the only girl among a bunch of men and was having no problem keeping which was surprising to me considering that I had already logged 7 miles beforehand.  

While the sun was out and the pavement was dry, the one factor I had to fight was the wind.  It was brutal.  I managed to do okay until about 1.5 miles in when another girl passed me.  Then not long after another one and then another. 

cupid chase 3

Without having my GPS, I had no idea of my pace but kept pushing myself by feel.  The wind was making it hard to breathe but I felt pretty confident that I was still maintaining a 7 something pace and might even come close to a possible PR.  

That all went out the window though when I crossed the finish line and saw the 24 minute time on the clock.  I couldn’t be certain if the clock was correct or not as there was someone manually marking down bib numbers and finish times as we passed. 

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Convinced that the clock must have been off, I approached a fellow racer who had just finished and she confirmed that she felt like the time on the clock must have been mistaken though her GPS said otherwise as well.  

Confused, I waited around to check race results just to see which had me at a 24 something finish time but placing 1st in my age group and 4th overall female.  

Despite the arguable clock time (and no where near a PR), I somehow managed to place so I decided to stick around to collect my award. 

cupid chase 5

Overall, I really enjoyed the race even though I forgot my GPS and didn’t perform as well as I had hoped.  Earning two medals for the race totally made up for it though and was a heck of a way to kick off the new year and 2016 racing season.  

Next up will be the Shamrock Run on the 5th of March which is always a fun time and I am really looking forward to giving it my all. 

Let’s chat!

Have you raced yet in 2016? 
What races are you looking forward to? 

Don’t forget to linkup and link back if you have a workout, recipe or fitness find to share! 

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