Cupid’s Chase 5k Race Recap

Cupid's Chase 5k Race Recap

Normally I don’t do too much to celebrate Valentine’s Day…maybe just eat some good food and drink some good wine.  This year I decided to participate in a local Cupid’s Chase 5k which benefits Community Options, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides housing and employment support to those with disabilities.  

The race is organized so that those who are couples can run in shirts that are marked “Unavailable” while those who are single have shirts labeled “Available”.  These races are actually held nation-wide in twenty-seven different locations all across the United States.  Sounds like a fun way to get your heart pumpin’ with your honey bunny, right? Sure! If you’re the romantic type 😉  

Before you go thinking that I ran this race with my hubby and get all sentimental, stop.  That’s not how I roll.  I actually joined one of my friends who signed up for the race and thought it would be fun to run it together!

Cupid's Chase 5k Syracuse

I was all about going and couldn’t wait to meet up with her until I woke up and saw that the temperature was not even 20 degrees with a “feels like” temp of 9 degrees not to mention that the course was right on the lake.  Not exactly ideal racing conditions. 

Feetures! compression socks

I bundled up the best I could wearing two pairs of fleece lined pants, two fleece lined long sleeve tops and my new Feetures! compression socks hoping that it would all be enough to keep me warm without doing the waddle. 

We got there, picked up our packets and attempted to stayed warm inside the little park building until the race started.  Right before 10 AM we were lead outside and lined up.

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Cupid's Chase 5k Race Recap

Cupid's Chase 5k Race Recap

I was hopeful when we got there that maybe the path we were running on would be a bit more clear than the rest of the ground but, I was wrong.  It was slushy, slippery and far too sloppy to really race. I even wore my YakTrax but honestly, while they prevented slipping, it was still hard to get any real traction against the slush with the super low temps.

Cupid's Chase 5k Race Recap

When I started off, I felt okay and even kept up with my friend who is a much faster runner than me but by mile two my legs felt like they were lead and I just couldn’t maintain the same pace.  By the time I reached the last few tenths of a mile, I picked up the pace a little only to encounter a curve right before the finish and almost bit it. 

I ended up crossing the finish with a net time of 26:17.  Absolutely my WORST 5k ever BUT I somehow placed 3rd in my age group and my friend placed 1st in our age group! I was super excited for her because her 1st place medal made it all worth it.  

Cupid's Chase 5k Race Recap


I actually found this chart which might also explain my slower finish time…given the freezing temps it’s pretty accurate but I can’t discount the slipperiness of the course. I felt like I had run a half marathon at race pace after only two miles! 

Impact of Temperatures on Running


I realized two things after this race; I have been spoiled by the treadmill and I might not be as prepared for the Syracuse Half as I have hoped.  While I can control my pace on the treadmill and even simulate course topography…..I can’t factor in conditions like temperature, ice and slush.  I am hoping that since the race is at the end of March that it at least won’t be freezing out but here in CNY, anything is possible.  

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Thinking as the weather gets nicer (if it ever does) then I will need to start taking my runs outside again and training with all of Mother Nature’s variables.

QOTD: What is the worst conditions you’ve ever raced in? 

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