Conquer Winter Running Goals With Cold Weather Gear!

On the very first day of last Spring I ran the Syracuse Half Marathon. I trained all through the winter and on the days that it was above zero (which were few) I managed to take my training outside.   I assumed that since the race was toward the end of March, the weather would be reasonable or even pleasant to race in. 

I was wrong.  The day of the Syracuse Half Marathon was miserable, snowy and barely breaking double digits.  Despite the bitter temperatures I raced my heart out as best I could- finishing with my lungs burning, toes frozen and just 26 seconds shy of my goal time of 1:45:00. Once I warmed up enough to speak I vowed I would never run the race again. But like they say, never say never. 

Maybe it’s the fact that the winter has been relatively mild this year or the fact that I’m a tad bit sadistic but somehow I convinced myself to sign up for the Syracuse Half Marathon for the second year in a row.  

In retrospect, I was ill prepared.  Since last winter here was so bitter I ran most of my training runs on the treadmill neglecting to adapt to the elements.  This year though, my goal is to run outside as much as possible.  I even created a running club to keep myself accountable oh and I obviously had to get myself some new cold weather gear to get me motivated! 😉 

Conquer your winter running goals with the right cold weather gear! #DSGFit4U #ad

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.

Every runner knows that winter runner requires cold weather gear to keep you warm while you’re pounding the chilly pavement. You’d think that I’d have a closet full of cold weather running gear since I live in the frozen tundra but it’s honestly a little lacking. SO I decided to head to Dick’s Sporting Goods and check out what they had to help me conquer my goal of smashing winter training runs. 

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Conquer your winter running goals with the right cold weather gear! #DSGFit4U #ad

 I got there and started immediately browsing Dick’s Sporting Goods cold weather running section.  I was most interested in finding fleeced lined tops and leggings as well as bright colored clothing so that I would be more visible during early morning and late night runs.

Conquer your winter running goals with the right cold weather gear! #DSGFit4U #ad Conquer your winter running goals with the right cold weather gear! #DSGFit4U #ad

 After browsing each of the sections and doing more fooling around than modeling, I finally picked out a cold weather running outfit complete with dry fit material, fleece lined sleeves and of course, thumbholes.

The outfit also just happened to match my previously purchased running shoes! Win! 

Conquer your winter running goals with the right cold weather gear! #DSGFit4U #ad

 Now that I had the gear in hand, it was obviously time to put it to the test.  “Thankfully”, Mother Nature graced us with some snow on the very first day of the new year so it wasn’t a hard task. 

Conquer your winter running goals with the right cold weather gear! #DSGFit4U #ad

 Verdict? Between the cozy thumbholes in the fleece lined Nike Pro Hyperwarm Compression zip up with thumbholes and the Reebok Space Dye Cold Weather Tights, I kept warm enough to withstand the low temps without getting uncomfortably sweaty! 

Even when the temps decided to dip below zero again I am confident that this outfit plus my running jacket, gloves and head warmer will be enough to keep me toasty and warm so that I can conquer my running goals despite the winter weather and hopefully smash my PR come race time!

Let’s chat!

What are your fitness goals this winter? 

What tips do you have to stay toasty in chilly temps?

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