DVRT Certified: I Cleaned, I Pressed, I Conquered!

A few weeks ago I shared my story about failing the DVRT Clean and Press Test that is required to pass Level 1 of the DVRT Certification and how I used that failure to overcome and try again.  Though it wasn’t easy, I did try again and managed to get the 50 reps in just exactly the required 5 minutes. 

Clean and Press Test, DVRT Certification

In addition to passing the physical test, you also need to complete a written test for Level 1 and a written test for the Level 2 certification.  Since I decided to take both Level 1 and 2 in the same weekend, that meant that I had nearly 40 DVRT related questions to answer. That might not sound like a lot but let me tell you, this certification is no joke.  

You honestly learn a ton, the entire course is so much more than just a certification; it is a whole new way of looking at fitness, how you can improve and ways to make it applicable to real life strength.  Master Trainer, Amanda Thebe, actually wrote a post about the magic of DVRT yesterday and explained it perfectly! Though the tests aren’t tricky, you still really need to understand the concepts of Dynamic Variable Resistance Training and since I was attending as a fitness enthusiast, not a CPT, I studied my little butt off. 

DVRT Cert Level 1

After about a week or so of studying, reading each of the manuals from front to back and back to front, I felt confident enough to submit my answers to the test and crossed my fingers that all my hard work would pay off.  The only thing left to do was submit my clean and press video.  

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After consulting a Master Trainer and being reassured that my form was good enough, I officially submitted the video and then waited with bated breath.   I was so nervous about it that I literally had anxiety dreams, I couldn’t stand the thought of failing again. 

Then, just a few days later, I got the email I had been waiting for, it read “Congrats on being a Level I and II Certified Instructor!” Not only did I pass the exams, I scored nearly perfect on my Level I and 100% on my Level II!!!

I was over the moon- it has been a long time since I have taken a real test and let me tell you, I am pretty sure the last time I scored 100% on anything was a 2nd grade spelling test (kidding, but not really).  

Even though I shouted the news on my Facebook page when I first found out, I just received the certificate in the mail the other day making it OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL! 

DVRT Certification


Included with the certificate was this DVRT t-shirt along with it, solely for bragging rights….

DVRT I Cleaned, I Pressed, I Conquered DVRT F#%K YEAH!

 I’m also officially official on their site listed as an instructor! 

DVRT Instructor

 So now that I am all sorts of an official DVRT badass, my next thing is to figure out exactly how I want to implement it into my life of fitness.  

Here at home, I am thinking that once the weather warms up I will get a group of runners together and hold a cross training clinic for runners of sorts. DVRT is a great way to work on strength and endurance which we all know is so necessary as runners.  

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Here on the blog, I am thinking of sharing biweekly posts on what I have learned and what I am currently learning.  Since I am still new to it all, I have a lot to learn and think it would be fun to include updates to show you all how DVRT can be implemented into regular fitness routines.  

Do you have any special requests as to what you’d like me to share? Maybe workouts, specific exercises or questions on the actual certifications themselves? Let me know and I’d be happy to address them in future posts the best I can! 

Oh and don’t forget to link up with us tomorrow for Wild Workout Wednesday if you have a workout, fitness find or healthy recipe to share! :)

What have you been up to lately? Any fun news to share? 

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