DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Cone to Cone Carry Finisher

Isn’t it funny that sometimes the things that we do the most often and really tend to work for us are the things that we tend to share least? 

It’s that way for me with most things in my life including the way that eat and even the way that I workout.  In fact, for the last 9 months or so, I have been programming strength training workouts for my runners at my studio but I rarely tend to share them on social media.  Why? I have no idea.  

Maybe it’s because to me they seem pretty straight forward or not incredibly mind blowing but then when I take a step back and see just how many runners are struggling with strength training or new to it in general, I realize that these are the kind or workouts that need to be shared. 

So the other night when I was having my clients perform this finisher and the consensus among the group that this was a favorite of theirs, it occurred to me that I had to share it.  

Again, it’s nothing crazy or over the top but it’s fun, it’s sweaty, it’s quick and it’s most importantly, it’s effective.  What is it, you might ask? An Ultimate Sandbag finisher, of course!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Cone to Cone Strength Finisher for Runners

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about bodyweight finishers, I LOVE using the battle ropes for a finisher (they burn SO GOOD) and even throw in some kettlebell exercises from time to time but when it comes to functional finishers, the Ultimate Sandbag is where. it’s. at. 

While there are more ways that I can list to use the sandbag for a finisher, the most recognized is probably the loaded carry.  Not only does it help to increase grip strength and work capacity but it also is great for building core strength, coordination and athleticism.  For runners in particular, it helps to develop core strength which translates into a more powerful lower body to push you through the tough miles at the end of a race.  

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DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Cone to Cone Carry & Strength Finisher for Runners

As the graphic instructs above, you would place 4 cones in a square about 50 ft apart.  Simply clean the bag up to your fist at the first cone and perform an overhead press with the Ultimate Sandbag five times.  Clean the bag back up to your fists and then walk to the next cone and perform a fist loaded squat five times.  Continue with the bag on your fists and walk to the next cone and perform a bent over row five times.  Finish by walking to the fourth cone and performing five clean to fist reps.  

Complete a total of four rounds for one kick-butt (core, upper body, and everywhere) workout finisher!

Most of the athletes that I train are able to finish the ENTIRE 4 rounds without stopping or putting the bag down at all.  

Want to give it a try? For women, I recommend starting with the Ultimate Sandbag Power Bag if you’re new to strength training and if you’re a bit of a veteran then break out the Strength Bag and see if you got what it takes to make it to the finish. 

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