DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Strength & Speed Relay Workout

The two ways I love to sweat the most are strength training and running.  Whenever I get the chance to combine the two, I do.  Whether it be with a treadmill circuit, a hill workout or on the track.  

I’ve shared several track workouts in the past that integrate core work and strength circuits but this is the first time that I’ve ever turned a track and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout into a RELAY. 

Sounds a little crazy but hear me out.  

With Ragnar Adirondacks just about 3 weeks away, I was inspired to take my strength training to the track throw a little Ragnar-style relay fun in there for good measure. 

For those of you who don’t know, Ragnar Relay is a 200ish mile, 12 person relay over the course of two days.  During those two days, you run three legs with varying distance and elevations.  While incorporating hills  is typically key for Ragnar training, so is strength and a little bit of speed work if you want to improve your pace.  

Obviously performing a workout with 12 people isn’t exactly the most feasible thing so I played off of the 3 legs and made this workout with three different exercises (running, bear hug carries and bear crawl bag drags) and three people (if you can find two friends – it makes it more fun) to give it a little Ragnar spirit. 

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Strength & Speed Relay Workout

Why bear hug carries and crawls? Simply put, they’re great low impact exercises for runners. 

The Bear Hug Carry require you to move load over a distance.  This helps to improve coordination patterns and increase total body strength including core strength which is vital for runners. 

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Ultimate Sandbag Bear Hug Carry

In order to perform, clean the Ultimate Sandbag Strength Bag, wrap your arms around it without interlocking your fingers and “rip the bag apart” bringing your shoulders down and back then walk it from point A to B. 

Bear Crawl Bag Drags on the other hand are an amazing exercise because it helps to also strengthen the core, increase agility and improve flexibility in the hips and shoulders. 

Ultimate Sandbag Bear Crawl Bag Drag

In order to perform, get into the quad position over the Ultimate Sandbag Core Bag – hands underneath the shoulder blades and knees underneath the hips and then crawl forward while dragging the bag and keeping a neutral spine. 

The way that this relay works with these two exercises is simple: 

  • One person runs around the track for 400 meters (one lap). In the time that it takes that person to run around the track, the other two are performing the crawls and carries. 
  • The runner then hands off to the person who was doing the crawls who then tags the person who was performing the carries who then runs.  Complete for a total of 3 rounds (each person performs the three exercises 3 times). 
  • If you really want to add in some real Ragnar fun, find yourself a slap bracelet to hand off as you go along. 


OCR (1)

And of course, celebrate like a real Ragnarian with team cheers when you finish! 

If you can’t find two friends, you can also give this workout a try on your own.  You’ll still need Ultimate Sandbag Strength & Core Bags BUT I’d forgo the slap bracelet…it’s not as fun to tag yourself…believe me, I know. :) 

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If you don’t have sandbags but need one, you can save 10% with code USB10.  

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