Easy Meatless Monday Meal Prep With Six Pack Fitness

Happy, happy MONDAY! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was spent both throwing and attending kid birthday parties.  Since both of my daughters are born in March, we have a joint family party for them every year and while I always intend to keep it small, it turned out to be quite the event filled with lots of presents.  Then on Sunday we had to attend my daughter’s classmates birthday party right after I got my 10 mile long run in.  Needless to say, it took up a good chunk of my day BUT I somehow still found time to meal prep some meatless dishes for my very busy on-the-go Monday. 

To be honest, I am really not much of a meal prepper mostly because I’ve had the luxury of walking to the kitchen whenever I want and whip something up.  That was the case until recently, that is, and busier I’ve gotten, the less time I have to spend in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch.  

With the soon to be opening of my new studio and race season in full swing, meal prepping for the day is a must especially given my food allergies.  Having food with me on hand that not only fuels me but that I can also tolerate is incredibly important.  Far too many times I have either been traveling or at a race venue and found refueling to be a challenge so having something like a meal management bag on hand is the perfect solution for when I am on the go, go, go! 


Easy Meatless Meal Prep On The Go with Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bags {gluten free, vegetarian}

As most of you know, I like to keep it as simple as possible with my recipes and I am the same with meal prepping especially given the fact that I am histamine intolerant.  Being intolerant even limits having precooked chicken, as the longer the chicken sits the more histamine builds so focusing on fresh vegetables and other sources of protein are a must for me.  

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Easy Meatless Meal Prep On The Go with Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bags {gluten free, vegetarian}

While I realize that everyone is different and that we all have our own needs and restrictions, there are a few quick tips: 

  1. When eating a meatless diet it is important to choose foods that are balanced so including dark greens, fresh vegetables, nutrient dense (red/orange) colored root vegetables, starches and proteins are all important. 
  2. Choose whole foods that don’t require a lot of prep work: eggs, rice, greens, potatoes and fresh veggies take only a few minutes to prepare in the kitchen.  While you’re microwaving your potato and boiling the eggs, cut up your greens/veggies.  Less that 15 minutes of prep work will make you 2 meals
  3. Pick ingredients to pack that can be paired easily with each other.  Pictured above I chose a sweet potato, kale, hard boiled eggs, brown rice and mushrooms. The sweet potato and 2 eggs are the perfect breakfast or great way to refuel after a race or run.  The kale, rice and mushrooms (along with the extra eggs if you wish) make a great super salad bowl.  Just drizzle on your favorite dressing and you’re good to go! 

Once you have your foods picked out you’re going to need some way to tote them around and while a regular bag might get your meals from A to B it won’t keep your food fresh for long.  Fortunately, meal management bags like this one from Six Pack Fitness exists and makes healthy meals on the go just that much easier! 

six pack bags 2

The Renee Meal Management Tote from Six Pack Bags offers not only style and a dedicated compartment for your laptop but it also acts as a cooler with that stores four Sure Seal Containers to transport and keep food fresh all day long. 

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Easy Meatless Meal Prep On The Go with Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bags {gluten free, vegetarian}

Easy Meatless Meal Prep On The Go with Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bags {gluten free, vegetarian}

Easy Meatless Meal Prep On The Go with Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bags {gluten free, vegetarian}

The containers are kept cold by the 3 gel packs (2 small and 1 large) that fit in both front and top pockets surrounding the containers.  

The bag also features a Sports Nutrition Compact which is perfect for vitamins or supplements that you might need to store.  

Easy Meatless Meal Prep On The Go with Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bags {gluten free, vegetarian}

While there are side pockets that you can fit a standard size water bottle as well along with smaller compartments to store items such as keys and lip gloss.

I personally love the tote because it looks (and feels) like a quality handbag and material used to construct the bag is top quality both on the inside and out.  So not only can you conveniently tote your meals on the go but you can also look good doing it. 

Totes adorbs, right?! 😉 


6 Pack Fitness Renee Meal Management Tote Giveaway

Which is why I’m excited that 6 Pack Fitness has offered to give a meal management tote away to my readers!!! All you have to do is use the rafflecopter below to enter.  Ends 3/24.  Good luck :) 

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