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Happy almost Friday! I am linking up again this week with Nicole from Fitful Focus for Fit’n’Fashionable Friday.  Last week I posted all about Soybu’s cute active apparel that blends style with performance.  This week I am going to change gears and tell you all about a complimentary spin class I was recently invited to try out at Urban Life Spin.

When I was invited by my friend Jill, (gorgeous GF of one of the co-owners of Urban Life) to attend a “girls night out” spin class I happily responded yes! I love a good workout and any excuse to get out of the house (sorry family), except I hadn’t attended a spin class in nearly 10 years (that makes me feel old) so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  What to wear? What to bring? Would I survive?  

I decided that even if I didn’t survive, I should at least arrive prepared.  

What I wore/brought: What to wear to spin class #fitnfashionable Friday #Fitfluential #InspiringFitness #TrainWithHeart

1. Moisture wicking tank.  It’s not too tight or too loose and I was really comfortable in it, which is important.  

2. Compression capris.  Since I don’t own any bike shorts, these were the next best thing.  They are moisture wicking and tight fitting which is essential- you don’t want your pant material interfering with the mechanics of the bike!

3. Camelbak water bottle.  Since I assumed I would sweat like a pig, I knew hydration was essential.  I love this Camelbak water bottle because it is easy to use while peddling and it fits nicely into the cup holder area of the bike.

4. Mio LINK.  I LOVE my strapless heart rate monitor and wear it for all my workouts especially endurance activities.  Monitoring my heart rate helps me to see how hard I’m working and if I’m staying in my target zones. 

5. Cycling shoes. These cycling shoes were thankfully provided by Urban Life.  Since I clearly don’t cycle, I don’t own any but I was fitted upon arriving to ensure that I had the right size.  

Urban Life SpinOnce we got into the room, we were instructed by the trainer, Jamar, to pick out a bike and adjust the seat and handle bars so that they were at the proper height. Then we hopped onto our bikes, locked in our shoes and we were ready to go! This is Jamar, by the way…Jamar, Urban Life Crossfit

Source: Urban Life

Just wanted to mention quick that in the 45 minutes that he “tortured” us, I did not hear a single one of the approximately twenty females in the room complaining.  Ok, back to the workout.

The spin workout consisted of a warm up, 4 heats and a cool down.  The room was split up into three groups based on the light color above; blue, green and red.  I was in the blue group.  

The first heat we did a round robin race within our group to see how many rounds we could complete in a few minute time frame.  

The second round was similar except we had to reach a further distance before we passed on the next person.  

The third round, each team (blue, green and red), had to individually complete a set distance but we were only considered done when the last person in our team reached that distance.  

The fourth heat was a SIX minute uphill climb….it was hard and challenging but I loved it!Mio Link HR Monitor.  Zone DistributionAs you can see based on my HR zone distribution, I spent nearly half the class in the high intensity zone! It really was no joke and I worked harder than I anticipated but the friendly competition aspect of it really make it enjoyable and dare I say, fun! 

Overall I had a blast and if I didn’t live 40 minutes away I would be making a weekly visit there to take the class.  Despite the distance I will be returning for another spin session and would love to attend one of their Sweaty Saturday classes.  I highly recommend anyone who lives in the Syracuse area to checkout Urban Life Spin and the variety of classes that they offer.  

You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Fitful Focus

Also, don’t forget to head over to Fitful Focus, grab the badge and link up with Nicole tomorrow if you have a fitness or fashion post to share! Thanks again to her for hosting :) 

QOTD: Have you tried any new or different group fitness classes lately? 

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