Fit & Fashionable: Vegas Style Baby!

Fit & Fashionable Vegas Style This past weekend I traveled from New York to Vegas so that I could participate in the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon…a race recap is coming soon, I promise! My sister not only accompanied me on the trip but also participated in the race, which was fun because we both got to celebrate our first half marathons together!

Since the race was on Sunday night and we arrived on Friday afternoon, we had some time to kill so naturally we decided to find a show to go to.  What would be a trip to Vegas without a show? Without much hesitation we bought tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil LOVE Show! Though I already saw LOVE the last time I went to Vegas, my sister hadn’t yet and I could listen to The Beatles all day long, it was a no brainer! Cirque Du Soleil LOVE Show Prior to the show we decided to wine (just a little bit) and dine ourselves and really make it an evening.  The decision on where to go to dinner was a little bit more complicated.  Most of the restaurants we had in mind didn’t have reservations available and the ones that were open weren’t really suited to our dietary needs.  Finally, after some searching we found Il Mulino, an Italian restaurant that was more than happy to accommodate all our gluten free and dairy free needs plus any other requests we made.Il Mulino Dinner Date: What to Wear in Vegas It really was fantastic and they even served us something called grappa at the end which is basically just the grape version of moonshine and it was no joke.  Now that I know that it exists I need to find some moonshine makers and have them brew me a batch 😉 Anyway, this post is about fashion not booze so moving on….

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So, what exactly is a girl who LIVES in yoga pants supposed to wear to something as fancy as dinner and a show in Vegas? I had no clue.  So I took myself on a mini shopping spree prior to leaving and pretty much bought everything I needed at Express, including this super cute dress which is one of my new favs.  Fit & Fashionable: What to wear to a Vegas ShowColor Block Open Back Midi Sheath Dress: I purchased this little number for approximately $98.  I actually had discounts and such so it came out to be much less than that.  While I couldn’t wear a bra with the dress, the benefit of having itty bitties is that you can just slap some pasties on top to dim the headlights.  I love how this dress looks, it didn’t wrinkle at all and is super comfy! I also love that it has a conservative look to it so that I wasn’t mistaken as a “lady of the night” but still has some sexy style to it so that I also wasn’t mistaken as a nun 😉 

Next came finding some accessories to pair with the dress, a majority of which I also purchased at Express.  Fit & Fashionable: What to Wear to a Vegas Show1. Short Layered Glitter Chevron Necklace: I decided I wanted a statement necklace to go with this dress to really make it look fun and fancy. This necklace was perfect, a little bit of glitter, a little bit of gold and a lot of sass for only $18.

2. Gold Bracelet: This is from Cache but I purchased it some time ago for around $25, I think.  I love this bracelet and wear it with a ton of different dressy outfits.  I thought it matched nice because of the chevron-like nature of it. 

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3. Mini Chevron Chain Fringe Post Earrings: Also from Express, I bought these for around $16.  I thought they complimented the necklace nicely without being too overwhelming. I’m a firm believer that your necklace and earrings shouldn’t compete with each other. 

4. Pave Tonal Stripe Ring: I hate having my right fingers bare and because it’s Vegas and I was feeling flashy I picked this ring out.  I thought it matched nicely since it was black and glittery.  I paid less than the sale price of $25 with additional discounts I had. 

5. Kenneth Cole Black Satin Heels: I bought these about a year ago from Lord and Taylor to go with a more formal dress for a wedding that I had to attend.  I can’t remember the exact price but I think they were approximately $60.  I love them because the t-strap dresses them up but they are still simple enough to go with most dresses I own!

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QOTD: What is your favorite show in Vegas? If you haven’t been which one would you pick? 

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