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If you follow me on Instagram (@mommymightgocrazy) at all, it is no surprise that I love myself a photo challenge.  So naturally when it was suggested to me by my #instafriend, Redd (@reddysetfit), to create our own for June I thought it was a GENIUS idea!



***Correction*** June 4th is National Running Day (wrote it down wrong, sorry!) 

The premise behind this fun challenge is fitness and photography (as if you couldn’t tell from the title) so each of the days either prompt for a photo of something fitness related (like gym shoes in action) or photography related (like a vintage photo).  There are also a handful of national holidays that fall in June so we decided to incorporate those as well!

If you’re new to an IG (Instagram) photo challenge here is how you play along:

  • Repost the challenge photo and tag us (@reddysetfit & @mommymightgocrazy) so we know you’re playing along.
  • Post a picture on IG of something related to the prompt of the day.  
  • Every time you post a picture make sure to use #fitnphotochallenge so that we can see all your awesome photos! 

That’s it! It’s pretty simple and we think it will be a lot of fun, we hope you play along :) 

Ok, now that I have provided the details of the challenge, I want to give you some background on how Redd and I became #instafriends.  

We started following each other on Instagram shortly after I started my @mommymightgocrazy account.  I really liked all the amazing recipes she was posting and I could tell that we had a lot in common and shared a love for the same kind of foods and things related to fitness.  Then one day, about two months ago, I posted a picture of a 5k I had ran for throw back Thursday.  

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In the post I mentioned my pace and the fact that I had set a personal record. This was what she commented: 



My first thought was “Whoa, this girl is crazy and kuddos for her for completing 9 half marathons but no way, I might die”.  Then, as promised, she sent me the training schedule she used and I thought “challenge accepted”.  Running a half marathon is certainly something I could check off my bucket list (even if it wasn’t on there in the first place) and would be an awesome goal to work toward.  

After accepting the challenge and making it my goal, I had just planned to find a half marathon close to where I lived to run.  I was still contemplating which one I was going to sign up for when my half marathon fanatic friend posted this & tagged me: 


Half marathon. In Vegas. On the strip. At night.  WHOA.  Well that just sounds like the most amazing time ever and if I was going to run a half marathon, why not make it memorable and run a Rock’n’Roll in Vegas? I was sold and I immediately told her I was in and signed up.  Now we really were #instafriends and would be running to the finish together! Since then she has continued to motivate me and even sent me a present in the mail to keep me hydrated once I start my long runs. 


Seriously, how awesome and thoughtful is that? I really could go on about her because she has inspired me in so many ways.  Without her suggestion, I would not be running a half marathon and now it is something that I can add to my life list of accomplishments (once I run it, obviously).  Even without 13.1 miles under my belt, I consider running 4 miles an accomplishment because it’s more than I would have ever done before.  

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On a daily basis she motivates me, inspires me to challenge myself and reminds me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  We aren’t just #instafriends, we are blogger friends, mom friends and future snowbirds- I’m in NY she is in AZ and it just makes sense.  We have phone dates regularly to discuss our goals and keep each other in check and focused. She’s an amazing person and I am happy to call her my friend.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, Reddy Set Fit, then you should. She posts delicious, healthy and innovative recipes…you won’t be disappointed! :) 

So that may have been more of an ode than an explanation but it is well deserved.  Thank you so much, Redd, for being the awesome #instafriend that you are! 

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  • May 20, 2014
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