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Back when my husband and I first began dating part of our evening routine would be to go to the gym together after we both got out of work.  As a barely 21 year old and not educated on fitness in the least, I naturally gravitated to some piece of cardio equipment putting in my “mandatory” hour on the machine.

As a former champion powerlifter my husband would spend his time at the gym picking up heavy weights and putting them down.  Or ya know, gettin’ his “swole on”.  

That was nearly 10 years ago and clearly my fitness and training habits have changed.  Now when I am not training for a race I am spending my time with more functional methods of fitness such as Dynamic Variable Resistance Training with my sandbag and HIIT workouts with my kettlebells and battle rope. 

My husband, on the other hand, has not evolved too much in his fitness journey.  As a chiropractor by profession, he is well versed on biomechanics and functional movement.  In regards to his workout routine, he’s still pretty “old school”. 

Actually, his fitness routine isn’t the only thing that’s old school- his choice in workout clothes is pretty out dated too.  He often chooses to wear cotton t-shirts that tend to be quite restrictive and not always comfortable.  

So I did my due diligence as his wife and functional fitness coach and made it my mission to upgrade both his style and his form of training. 

Fit To Perform in Polo Sport From Dicks Sporting Goods. Functional Training. Functional Style.

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.

Before any training could take place, the first thing that needed to happen was a wardrobe upgrade so I took him to the nearest DICK’s Sporting Goods ® to pick out some apparel that would provide comfort, function and style. 

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After perusing the Polo Sport® section of DICK’s Sporting Goods ® he found several pieces to replace his old ratty threads.  

The difference between the two is that his old cotton tees were restrictive, uncomfortable and ill-fitted while these new clothes are designed for keeping you cool and dry during while you sweat and allow range of motion all while fitting properly.  Or to put it simply, Polo Sport® is made to perform. 

After completing phase 1 of my mission, it was on to phase 2; showing him what functional fitness was all about. 

I started him off with a warm up run for which he wore his new shorts, t-shirt and long sleeve. 

Polo Sport is the perfect fit for performance.

I have to say that in all the years we have been together I have never seen him run.  Maybe it was because he was always wearing cotton and we all know that you don’t go for a run in cotton clothes. Now that he has Polo Sport® performance wear he can run comfortably ….he probably WON’T start but at least now he CAN. 

Anyway, once the blood was flowing we moved on to some battle rope action.  

Polo Sport Men's Performance Wear- Functional Training with Battle Ropes

The lightweight jersey tee gave him ample range of motion to take control of the ropes while providing a friction-free fit which is important when whipping the ropes repeatedly. 

Later in the week I finally introduced him to my sandbag and put him through some DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) drills! 

Polo Sport Performance Wear for Functional Training


Since these drills require you to move in all planes of motion, specifically the MAX Lunge which he is performing above, clothes that aren’t restrictive are KEY. Both Polo Sport® tee and jersey active shorts allowed him to do this comfortably so that he could concentrate on form and not have to worry about tight and ill-fit clothing.  

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I have to say that this fitness upgrade went much better than expected.  I got to school him on two of my favorite things, fitness and fashion and he got to upgrade his sweat threads. 

polo sport 3

He also thinks he’s a model now. Someone help me….I may have created a monster. 

Let’s chat!

Do you workout with your partner? 

Ever had to upgrade their wardrobe?

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