Fitness Things: #SweatPinkSummer, Ride and Run Race & My Love for Funk

I have a few things that I want to share with you that are sort of random but all have fitness in common so I am lumping them together in one post :) 



If you’re looking for a fun and quick July Instagram challenge, this is it! It is being hosted by Fit Approach and fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, Jill Conyers.  Plus there is a prize involved, yippie! The rules are simple if you want to play along:

  1. Follow @FitApproach and @JillConyers on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Snap and post the daily challenge task.
  3. Tag @FitApproach @JillConyers #sweatpinksummer #sweatpink

If you don’t have Instagram you can also play along on Facebook by following and tagging FitApproach and Jill Coyner’s pages. If you want more details you can head over here where all the official info is posted.  I’m so excited about it, can’t wait to show all my IG friends how I #sweatpink! :)

Ride and Run For The Rescue 5k


I have been in the habit of signing up for local runs at the last minute just because I get the itch to race.  I really wanted to attend the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run last weekend but unfortunately it conflicted with life plans.  I was chatting with another local blogger, Renee Benda of Bendiful Blog on Twitter and she mentioned running the Ride and Run 5k this weekend! I quickly checked the calendar and had nothing going on that morning so obviously I was in! 

The Ride and Run is both a cycling event and 5k that benefit the Rescue Mission in an effort to help end hunger in the Central New York area.  They provide over 750 meals daily to men, women and children who would otherwise go hungry.  I am excited to participate in the event as I am always willing to run for a good cause.  Plus I am looking forward to meeting Renee, who I have interacted with on social media but never met in person!

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Funk Roberts Rocks!


So in one of my first posts ever on the blog, I wrote about working out while you travel and how my discovery of Funk Roberts and his workouts changed the way I incorporated fitness both at home and on the go.  At first glance when you go to his website, it looks like he is selling programs but if you subscribe to his email list and YouTube channel, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of free workouts he provides.  He sends strength and conditioning workouts for functional training (kettlebell, TRX, sandbag, etc.) bodyweight, MMA, HIIT, pretty much anything of that nature you can imagine.  

Anyway, I have been doing his workouts for a while, just incorporating them into my own  routine.  Prior to running regularly, I was rotating the strength and conditioning  workouts. Since I have been half marathon training, I usually rotate them with my runs and have noticed how much they have helped with both my power and endurance.  

The reason why I am posting and gushing about him again? One, because his workouts are effective and I think he genuinely cares about helping others succeed.  Two, because he started following me on Instagram the other day and I was so happy I nearly died.  Some people like celebrities or musicians, I get giddy when my fitness idols connect with me.  

@MommyMIghtGoCrazy on IG

He called me awesome and I think he rocks! I realized I haven’t shared too much about strength/conditioning training since I have been so focused on half marathon training so this is my shout out to him and a little update to let you know what I do on my non-running days.  Thanks again Funk for all the workouts and for always inspiring me to GET IT DONE! 

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Are you participating in any Instagram challenges in July? Where do you find workout routines and motivation? 

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Beautiful Day for a PR- Ride and Run Race Recap
June 29, 2014