Foodie Friday: Caprese Grilled Cheese {Gluten Free}

Welcome back to our weekly Foodie Friday link up! I’m linking up with Emily from Whatever Floats Your Oats, Esther from Chocolate Runner Girl, Farrah from Fairyburger and Cassandra from Powered by BLING to create awesome healthy recipes each week!  Also, make sure you hop around to check out all the amazing recipes in this link up and feel free to add your recipes as well! 

Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month? Welp, now you do and to celebrate we’ve made our Foodie Friday theme today all about grilled cheese!

I haven’t had a “grilled” cheese sandwich since I made my Toasted Goat Cheese and Avocado Sandwich for Meatless Monday a few months ago. Given that I’d already used two of the most delicious ingredients ever (avocado and goat cheese), I was stumped. What to make next?

Then my Foodie Friday friend Esther shared this Grilled, Grilled Cheese video posted by Alton Brown and it hit me like a TON of rocks.

DUH, I have an INDOOR GRILL (don’t ask)…why the heck wouldn’t I used it to make GRILLED cheese?! So I did and used some light, fresh flavors to bring this traditionally griddled sandwich into Spring!

Hubby christening his new indoor grill a few years ago.

Hubby christening his new indoor grill a few years ago.

Following Alton’s instructions in the video, I made my own version of Grilled, Grilled Cheese with mozzarella, basil and marinated sundried tomatoes OR as I named it, Caprese Grilled Cheese!

Caprese Grilled Cheese {Gluten Free}

After freshly shredding my cheese, chopping the basil and sundried tomatoes I placed them in some foil then brushed on some of the sundried tomato oil onto the bread (HELLO FLAVOR EXPLOSION) and threw it on the grill! 

Waited for a few sweet lookin’ grill lines then flipped those babies over!

Caprese Grilled Cheese {Gluten Free}

While the flames did their job with the bread on the other side, the mozzarella, basil and sundried tomatoes melted together in their bed of foil from the indirect heat. 

Once the bread was done, I scraped the cheese onto the bread, pressed the two slices together and wrapped it back in foil to sit on the indirect heat just as Alton demonstrates in the video.  

In no time (like 2 mins), I unwrapped the foil to find a perfectly gooey GRILLED cheese sandwich! 

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich {Gluten Free}



  • 1/4 cup shredded fresh mozzarella
  • 4-6 small basil leaves, chopped
  • 2-3 sundried tomatoes packed in Italian oil, chopped
  • 2 slices of gluten free bread (I used Canyon Bakehouse 7 Grain Bread)
  • balsamic vinegar for dipping (optional) 


  1. Heat grill. 
  2. Make a pocket out of aluminum foil and put shredded cheese, basil and tomatoes in it. Set on indirect heat.
  3. Brush both sides of bread with oil from sundried tomatoes and place on grill. Watch carefully to make sure it isn’t burning, flip when brown. 
  4. Remove once both sides of bread are toasted/grilled and scrape cheese mixture onto one side of grilled bread. 
  5. Press both pieces of bread together and wrap in foil then place back on the grill indirect heat. 
  6. Remove after 1-2 minutes and cut in half diagonally.  
  7. Serve with balsamic vinegar, if desired. 
  8. Enjoy! 😀

Make sure to link up if you have a recipe you’ve been lovely lately and join us again next week, our theme will be No-Bake! 😀 



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Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy
Reply April 17, 2015

This actually looks like my perfect lunch. This sandwich has everything I could possibly want in a sandwich.
Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted...Comment on Blueberry Blast Smoothie by DanniiMy Profile

    Reply April 17, 2015

    It was fantastic! :D

Elizabeth @ Enjoy Every Bite
Reply April 17, 2015

Your grilled cheese looks amazing!! My husband would LOVE having an indoor grill! He watches those videos from Alton Brown too :)
Elizabeth @ Enjoy Every Bite recently posted...Enjoy More 1My Profile

    Reply April 17, 2015

    Thank you, your grilled cheese is like crazy amazing looking! We really love having an indoor grill, used it all winter for everything- easy, quick and less clean up :)

jill conyers
Reply April 17, 2015

I must find that bread! Do you know if they have it at Whole Foods? Grilled cheese is a great thing to celebrate :)

Have a wonderful weekend Annmarie!
jill conyers recently posted...Easy Afternoon Strawberry OatmealMy Profile

    Reply April 17, 2015

    We don't have a Whole Foods here (I live in the middle of no where) BUT I would assume they do. I found it at my local health foods store (at least we have that). It is REALLY good! Tastes just like fresh bread!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! :)

Reply April 17, 2015

i had no idea April is Grilled Cheese Month! I love grilled cheese, just evened the standard version but this sounds heavenly. I don't have a grill with the exception of a George Forman but I am so making this with modifications of course to the grilling part. Thanks for sharing! :)
Krystal recently posted...Five Brands I’m LovingMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    I think it would taste fantastic on a George Foreman too! :)

Cassandra @ Powered By BLING
Reply April 17, 2015

I love that you guys have an indoor grill #jealous! You know I'm Italian, so anything Caprese is perfect in my book.
Cassandra @ Powered By BLING recently posted...How Do You Grilled Cheese?My Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Omg I know, the Italian in me loves Caprese too! :)

Susie @ SuzLyfe
Reply April 17, 2015

Anything on the grill is better. And same thing goes for anything with fresh basil and tomato!!!
Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted...Favorite Healthy Food Companies and ProductsMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Totally agree!

Smitha @ Running with SD Mom
Reply April 17, 2015

That is a good looking grilled cheese! Thanks for hosting. My first time linking up with you!!

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Thanks so much for linking up!!! <3

Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner
Reply April 17, 2015

Caprese sandwiches and wraps are my fave! I love the balsamic with the mozzarella yummy!
Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted...Firmoo Fashionable EyewearMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    The balsamic really is the best with mozz, basil and toms! :)

Reply April 17, 2015

Grilled cheese is quite possibly one of the best meals going…love this recipe!
misszippy recently posted...On races and headphonesMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Thank you so much! :) Grilled cheese is da bomb!

Jen @ Pretty Little Grub
Reply April 17, 2015

national grilled cheese month! Awesome, I love grilled cheese. Though I usually stick to a pretty boring standard grilled cheese. This one looks awesome.
Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted...FYI Friday – 5 most common weight loss mistakesMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Grilled cheese was always my fav when I was little- best comfort food!

Reply April 17, 2015

Looks so good!!! If only I had some basil right now!
I love the indoor grill idea! I admit I am giggling about it but I'm going to send an email right now to my hubby to add it to our list for our house since in MN it just makes sense to extend the grilling season!
Sarah recently posted...Avocado Chocolate Chip Oatmeal CookiesMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Seriously we put an indoor grill in because we live in Upstate NY and our outside grilling season is like 3 months. One of the best investments ever ;) ;)

Jess @hellotofit
Reply April 17, 2015

Indoor grill??? So awesome!! I love grilled cheese, and this would be perfect in my belly today :) TGIF!
Jess @hellotofit recently posted...Recipe of the week: easiest green smoothieMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    I know, it was such a yummy treat! :)

Mary Beth Jackson
Reply April 17, 2015

I love me some grilled cheese! I never thought about brushing the bread with the flavored oil, DUH! As they say on Food Network, that is money!
Mary Beth Jackson recently posted...How do you refuel?My Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Hahaha I love you for knowing that!

Reply April 17, 2015

Yay! I am so glad the video inspired you :)
Looks AMAZING! And how awesome is it that you have an indoor grill :)
Thanks for sharing your amazing recipe :)
Esther recently posted...Foodie Friday: Grilled Cheese!My Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Girl, you definitely sparked my creative juices this Foodie Friday! Thank you so much! :)

Nicole @ Fitful Focus
Reply April 17, 2015

errr ma gawd grilled cheese?! Did you see Chef?! I want that grilled cheese!
Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted...Fabletics April CollectionMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    OMG that grilled cheese he made was the BEST looking thing EVER!

Reply April 18, 2015

Can you come over and make this? Pleaseplease? I'll even go to the grocery store to get the ingredients! (This is saying a lot because I'm currently on a grocery ban. No spending money on food til I eat everything in my fridge/pantry!) This is pretty much everything I love in a sandwich! <3
Farrah recently posted...Review: Milk Bar Life + Huevos Tibios (“Egg Soup”)My Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    If I could hop on a plane I'd be at your casa ASAP to make this for you! :P

Renee @ Bendiful Blog
Reply April 18, 2015

This makes me want to actually have a grilled cheese sandwich! Darn you Alton Brown and Annmarie! :) I can't wait for my first fresh caprese salad from my garden this summer.
Renee @ Bendiful Blog recently posted...Wantable Fitness Edit – AprilMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Oh man I wish I had a garden, not enough time to tend to it but I bet yours is amazing!

Sam @ Grapefruit & Granola
Reply April 18, 2015

Oh wow, these look amazing! I never would have thought to make a grilled cheese on the grill but it looks like it's simple to do and turns out great. Caprese anything is my fav!

    Reply April 18, 2015

    You absolutely have to try it, SO GOOD! :)

Reply April 18, 2015

OMG CRYING ON THE INSIDE BECAUSE I WANT THIS SO BAD. Just kidding, but not really, I used to LOVE fresh mozzarella...haven't found a suitable substitute.. but this sandwich is heavenly, I haven't had a grilled cheese in FOREVER
Amber recently posted...IBS - Natural Remedy OptionsMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Aw I know. I don't EVER really eat cheese but mozz is so good and every once in a while I treat myself. Maybe you could make this with some sort of vegan cheese or portobello mushroom?!

Abby @ BackAtSquareZero
Reply April 18, 2015

An indoor grill.... heaven!!!!
This looks so yummy.
Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted...5 Tips to Get Noticed by Your Favorite BrandMy Profile

    Reply April 18, 2015

    Thank you! It has been fun having an indoor grill, not gonna lie :P

Reply April 18, 2015

Annmarie, this looks absolutely delicious! I definitely need to try this!!
Emily@WhateverFloatsYourOats recently posted...26.2My Profile

    Reply April 20, 2015

    Thank you, Emily! :)

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