Foodie Friday: Sweet Potato Waffle Hash with Fried Egg + Sriracha!

Welcome back to our weekly Foodie Friday link up! I’m linking up with Farrah from FairyburgerEsther from Chocolate Runner Girl and Jess from Hello to Fit Also, make sure you hop around to check out all the amazing recipes in this link up and feel free to add your recipes as well! 

Just a little housekeeping before we get started, you may have noticed that Cassandra from Powered By Bling and Emily from Whatever Floats Your Oats are sadly no longer part of the linkup! While they will still be linking up from time to time, they have decided to shift their blog focus onto other fun things, they will be missed!

Thankfully, Jess from Hello to Fit has graciously agreed to step in as a new co-host for Foodie Friday and we couldn’t be more excited.  If you aren’t already familiar with Jess and her blog please make sure you stop by, say hi and see all the amazing yoga posts, words of wisdom, fitness finds and yummy recipes she has to offer! 

Okay, now on to today’s theme….savory breakfast recipes.  Seriously, I love breakfast.  I love everything about it and cannot imagine skipping it ever in any way, shape or form.  I think I pretty much LIVE for breakfast, for coffee and all the yummy food that accompanies it.  

Before realizing that I was histamine intolerant, my breakfast had become a routine of eggs and avocado with coffee, every morning, without fail.  Then….I discovered avocados were no bueno and during the elimination phase of figuring out my diet, eggs were kind of off the menu as well. 

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After taking a month long or so break from eggs, I decided to try to reintroduce them into my diet but since avocados are still on the “not approved list” I had to sub them out for something equally as delicious.  Enter…sweet potatoes.  They have become my new avocado for pretty much every meal and breakfast is no exception.  

Sweet Potato Waffle Hash with Fried Egg and Sriracha {Savory Breakfast Recipe, Healthy Breakfast, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian}

 The thing about sweet potatoes is that they are SO versatile.  You can sweeten them up, add a little spice or even something savory like eggs and they are still amazing.  Sweet potatoes are a match made in heaven for more foods than I could have possibly imagined and while I generally enjoy them just baked or chopped up and oven roasted, I decided it was time to reinvent the way I was eating them for breakfast. 

That is how I came to make this seriously scrumptious sweet potato waffle hash.  It’s so simple it’s ridiculous and all you have to do is throw an egg on top and viola….you’ve got a gourmet dish that’ll impress your friends and your taste buds. 

Sweet Potato Waffle Hash with Fried Egg and Sriracha {Savory Breakfast Recipe, Healthy Breakfast, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian}

Sweet Potato Waffle Hash with Fried Egg and Sriracha {Savory Breakfast Recipe, Healthy Breakfast, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian}





  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, skinned and shredded 
  • 1 tsp oil (coconut, olive, etc. for greasing)
  • sea salt, fresh ground pepper, other spices to taste



  1. Heat waffle iron to medium heat.
  2. Remove excess water from shredded sweet potato (it took me a few good blots with a paper towel).
  3. Grease or spray waffle iron.
  4. Fill waffle iron with sweet potato spreads, season then cover evenly over the surface and cook until crispy. 
  5. Remove and top with fried egg, sriracha or whatever else you desire! 
  6. Enjoy! :)
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