Fork2Fit Review: Local, Fresh & Healthy Meals to Keep You Fueled

Fork2Fit Review

Launched in August of 2014, Fork2Fit is the brainchild of four Syracuse professionals who were looking for a better way to eat healthy, nutritious meals and balance their busy lives.  Realizing they were not alone in this struggle and that a solution was needed, Fork2Fit was born.  

Fork2Fit is a service that provides healthy, fresh and tasty meals which you can order ahead of time for either pick up or delivery.  

To order any of the meals that you see on their menu, you simply go to their “Order Now” page and pick between standard meals which are made with fresh, local ingredients and premium meals which are made with grass-fed, free range meat and are antibiotic free.  

You can then pick between portion sizes, either the deluxe option which consists of 4-6 oz of meat or the athlete option which consists of 8-10 oz of meat.

Next, you either choose if you want to pick up your meal or have it delivered and which date you would like it delivered for.  Unlike restaurant delivery, you need to order a few days in advance.  The way they have it set up now if you want your meals for a Monday you need to order by the Thursday before or if you want them for Thursday, you need to order by the Monday before. 

Their ordering schedule actually worked out perfectly for me.  I was given the opportunity to try out a few meals right before I was headed to NYC for my DVRT Certification.  I was due to arrive back on Monday the 2nd in the morning and figured having it would be the perfect time to try Fit2Fork out- who wants to cook after arriving home from a busy weekend of travel? 

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As my luck would have it, my flight ended up getting delayed and I didn’t arrive back in Syracuse until 3:30 at which point I still had to drive an hour home.  Thankfully, I had made arrangements to pick up the meals and was able to adjust the time, so it all worked out! 

I could not have been more excited to have hot, healthy meals in hand ready to eat once I arrived home.  Since they offer a variety of menu options, I specified that I wanted them to be gluten free but left them pick the actual meals since I’m always up for trying anything! Though it should be noted that meals are prepared in a common kitchen so exposure to gluten and other allergens is possible.  

Here is what I got…

Chicken Fajitas with Peppers, Onions, Zucchini and Squash

Fork2Fit Chicken Fajitas #GlutenFree Fork2Fit Chicken Fajitas2

Brown Rice Pesto Pasta with Balsamic Chicken and Mixed Vegetables 

Fork2Fit Brown Rice Pasta with Balsamic Chicken #GlutenFreeFork2Fit Brown Rice Pesto Pasta with Balsamic Chicken and Mixed Vegetables

Mini Meatloaves with Cauliflower Mash + Mushroom Sauce

Fork2Fit Mini Meatloaves #GlutenFreeFork2Fit Mini Mealtloaves2

I honestly enjoyed them all, they were each delicious in their own way!

The Chicken Fajitas were absolutely fantastic and I really enjoyed the flavor from the seasonings along with all the fresh vegetables! Super yummy!

My kids really liked the Brown Rice Pesto Pasta, which I tried and it was pretty tasty. The balsamic chicken was really flavorful and was a nice flavor compliment to the pesto and vegetables.  

I also enjoyed the Mini Meatloaves, I love how they served it with mashed cauliflower as an alternative to potatoes and the mushroom sauce was really tasty too! Not only was this dish gluten free but it was also Paleo.  They actually offer quite a few Paleo options for athletes and individuals who are adhering to a strict diet.

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Fork2Fit honestly offers a variety of options regardless of your diet and makes it simple to grab fresh, healthy food at an affordable price so you can stay fueled and on track even on your busiest days. 

Oh and did I mention you can also grab a guilt-free treat when you order? Fork2Fit partnered with Avocadough, a local business that offers a healthier choice in baked goods using avocados and all natural ingredients! 

Fork2Fit and Avocadough

I will have more information about Avocadough in next week’s post but for now while you wait, feast your eyes on this Vegan, Gluten Free Fudge Brownie….YUM! 

Fork2Fit and Avocadough

You can learn more about Fork2Fit by visiting their website and visiting them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Have you ever tried a food service like Fork2Fit? 

How do you stay fueled on your busy days? 

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