Freschetta Grilled Gluten Free Pizza + Giveaway!

Sometimes being gluten free at a backyard BBQ can mean a lot of boring, bun-less burgers alongside a lot of random side dishes that leave you questioning their ingredients and whether or not they might contain gluten. 

I’ve been there quite a few times and have even resorted to eating beforehand or just bringing my own buns which, by the way, I have found usually don’t hold up too well.  

Bun-less or not, burgers and dogs get old after a while.  Grilled pizza, on the other hand? Not boring or bland.  In fact, Freschetta makes a gluten free grillable pizza that’s not only yummy but also made a with a crust that you can trust.  Not only is it certified to be free of gluten but it also tastes so good that the whole family can enjoy it! 

I’ve tried a handful of gluten free pizzas but I only tried Freschetta for the first time recently.  Honestly, I didn’t even know that they made gluten free pizza but that might be because my grocer does a great job of burying them under other kinds of Freschetta pizza. 

Anyway, I was especially excited to try out a new kind of gluten free pizza, especially one that claimed to not sacrifice taste or flavor. 

I actually picked these up the day before my husband left for the weekend.  I was home alone on that Friday night and figured what better time to try out some yummy GF pizza?! 

Freschetta Four Cheese

Freschetta #TrustTheCrust Giveaway!

I opted to try the Four Cheese first. Mostly because I am more a fan of cheese pizza and also because I knew my kids would prefer the pepperoni! 

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The Four Cheese is made up of a thin and crispy crust topped with vine ripened tomato sauce and a medley of mozzarella, asiago, fontina and parmesan cheeses.  

Freschetta #TrustTheCrust Giveaway

I ate this the night before my long run and I honestly had to stop myself from consuming the entire pizza in one sitting….it was that good.  I love that the crust is thin and that the delicious cheese medley pairs really well with wine….just sayin’! :)

I was still sans hubby on Sunday so I fired up the grill this time (I baked the Four Cheese one) and made the Signature Pepperoni Pizza for my kiddos.  Also made with a thin, crispy crust, this pizza is topped with mozzarella cheese and premium pepperoni pieces.

Freschetta #TrustTheCrust Giveaway

Grilled Freschetta Pep Pizza

It took just about 20 minutes to grill, moving it around occasionally to ensure that it was cooked evenly and didn’t burn.  I was actually surprised how great it turned out- the crust crisped up perfectly and the cheese melted so nice and evenly! 

Pizza Piece Pepperoni Picker

As soon as the pizza cooled, my kids didn’t hesitate to dive in.  While one snuck a piece as I was snapping photos, the other one started picking off and eating all the pepperoni 😉 

Considering that the pizza was all gone in a matter of 20 minutes, I’d have to say that they were pretty pleased with it….pepperoni and all! 

I guarantee that if you tried it, you’d agree with my kiddos (and me) too! Freschetta makes a gluten free crust that you can trust is both gluten free AND delicious! 

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Thanks to the gracious folks at Freschetta, one of my lucky readers will get the chance to win this seriously amazing prize pack! 

Freschetta #TrustTheCrust Giveaway

This premium prize pack includes: 2 free Freschetta product coupons, 1 Freschetta pizza cutter, Williams Sonoma steel grill pan and pizza seasoning, Kate Spade kitchen towel, pot holder and picnic napkin, and this super cute Corsica apron! A $100.00 value!!! 

Just enter using the rafflecopter below.  Contest ends 6/22 at midnight, good luck! :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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