Get Ready to Revolutionize Your Kitchen with Countertop

How does that old saying go? Any tool is only as good as the user, right? Same goes for your kitchen appliances.  You can spend $600 on a Vitamix or $10,000 on a commercial grade oven but just because you buy it doesn’t mean it will magically produce gourmet meals or help you lose weight and stay in shape.  That is, until now. 

Countertop: Your Kitchen's Genius Setting


 This post is sponsored by Orange Chef and contains affiliate links. 

Meet, Countertop by Orange Chef.  A device that works with both your activity tracker and kitchen appliances so it can not only suggest what you should eat but also tell you how to make it. 

Countertop works with appliances you already own like a Vitamix or Crock Pot slow cooker (and more to come) by using one-step install adapter making your appliances more useful and smarter. 


What’s more,  Countertop also syncs with fitness trackers like Jawbone UP so that it can track your physical activity, diet and sleep patterns then use all of that information to deliver meal recommendations so you can optimize your training and performance. 

So, say you’re marathon training and you get back from a long run, Countertop will recognize that since it is synced with your activity tracker then be able to recommend recipes to help you refuel and recover. 

Countertop Jawbone UP


You can even put it in Make Mode for easy step by step recipe instructions and over time, Countertop learns your likes and dislikes making it a personalized experience just for you. 

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Oh and Countertop also logs all your food too! Since it will record as you prep, you no longer have to do it manually since it will know what you’re eating automatically.  A feature I’m really looking forward to using since I am terrible at logging anything and usually end up doing a lot of guessing.  I am also bad at math…like REALLY REALLY bad.  So, no guesswork (aka math) = happy Annmarie.



Countertop works with iPhone5 or newer, Apple Health App, and even the new Apple Watch so you can have all the information you need right on your wrist. 

Personally, I am really looking forward to using Countertop as I continue to train for races.  I will be running first of many (hopefully) marathons this summer and keeping nutrition on point is crucial.  

rungry defintion

We all know that running makes you rungry and having a smart device like Countertop would be imperative to staying on track.  Instead of eating everything but the kitchen sink post-run, it will be able to suggest snacks, smoothies and meals that will help me to refuel and recover faster.  It can even suggest quick, easy meals that are still within my goal for the days and nights when I don’t have time. 



This amazing new kitchen innovation will be available this Fall and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  You can make sure you get your hands on it too by placing a preorder and saving yourself some dough!

For a limited time only, The Orange Chef Company is running a deal and as long as you use my link here, you can score 50% off!  

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Pretty sweet deal, right?! :) 

Do you plan on purchasing Countertop? 

How would it improve your active lifestyle?

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