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 The PR Soles were provided to me by Gone For A Run in exchange for a review, but as always, all opinions are my own.  

 When I first learned that I was going to have the opportunity to review PR Soles Recovery Sandals from Gone For A Run, my feet and I did a little happy dance! I have been logging some serious miles lately since I am in full force for my half marathon training. In May, which was my first month training, I logged 56 miles.  Now three weeks into June, I have managed to run 75 miles so far and am hoping to hit the 100 mark by the end of the month.  My schedule has me running every other day which means that a lot of those runs are 6+ miles which makes for some very tired feet. 

So you can imagine my excitement when Gone For A Run offered to send me PR Soles or as they say “a treat for your feet”.  The day they arrived in the mail I immediately put them on and pretty much haven’t taken them off since.  

PR Soles Review via TheFitFoodieMama.com

So as the name denotes, PR Soles Recovery Sandals are meant to be worn after running or when you’ve been on  your feet all day to help with recovery, but how exactly do they help? PR Soles are designed so that they are foam cushioned, lightweight with acupoint soles that massage your feet using trigger point therapy to improve circulation and help break up lactic acid, reducing pain in your aching feet.   

My Review:  

When they arrived in the mail and I opened the package I was only expecting to see the sandals but was pleasantly surprised to find that they came packed in this cute reusable bag with awesome positive affirmations written all over it.  So perfect for storing all my running gear in! As far as fit goes, I used the chart that they provide on their site.  I have a size 6.5-7 foot so according to their chart, I am an XS.  When I tried them on they fit pretty well but I may have been able to go down a size to the XXS, although they don’t feel too big or slip off, there is just a little bit of room.  I also chose to order the fuchsia/navy blue combo but they have five other color combos available.  

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PR Soles Review via TheFitFoodieMama.com

 PR Soles from Gone For A Run Review via TheFitFoodieMama.com

The cute bag and style of the sandal was just a bonus though compared to the relief that the PR Soles provide me.  Since receiving them over a week ago I have gone on several long runs, one that included a personal best.  I ran as fast and as far as my legs and feet could take me, pushing faster and faster with every mile- except mile 4…that was a ridiculously large hill. 

PR Soles Review via TheFitFoodieMama.com

 While I felt pretty awesome while I was running, and I took care to foam roll, the after effects of pushing myself started to set in and I my legs and feet were in desperate need of some TLC.  The combination of my compression sleeves with the PR Soles was like heaven. 

PR Soles Review via TheFitFoodieMama.comUnfortunately, I don’t get to put my feet up much as after my morning runs I spend the rest of the day chasing around a 3 year old and 1 one year old.  I don’t sit often and even when I am blogging, I stand at my kitchen counter to type.  I literally couldn’t have been happier to have the PR Soles to put on to ease the pressure of being on my feet the rest of the day. By the way, don’t look at my toes.  I have runner’s feet and clearly when I took this picture, I was in need of a pedicure. 

 After testing the PR Soles out over the last week or so I have to say that they are exactly what I needed to ease my pain post-run.  Not only do they allow for enough pressure to serve as trigger point therapy and fascia release to the foot, the cushion like nature of the shoe is like walking on a cloud after a long run.  

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Oh and thankfully over the weekend I was able to carve out some time for a pedicure, yippie! Between a little pampering and the massage I get from these PR Soles, I have some very happy feet.  Their tag line doesn’t lie, they are a treat for your feet indeed! 

PR Soles Review via TheFitFoodieMama.com


Just as a side note: If you’re looking for any running gifts or gear, definitely check out GoneForARun.com.  They have a slew of really cute and amazing stuff I have been lusting after for a while like BibFolios to display/catalog all your running bibs and decorative medal hangers.  I am still in the process of collecting bibs/medals but hopefully someday in the future I will be able to show off my accomplishments with one of these! 

How do you recover after a run or a long day on your feet? 

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