Healthy & Fit Travel: Boozing Smart

Healthy & Fit Travel: Boozing Smart Tips Eating right and being active on vacation is essential for staying on track but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the luxury of having a few drinks.  Isn’t it is usually the first thing that one associates with a vacation? That vision of toes in the sand and a drink in hand, right?  Staying on track and being healthy doesn’t mean having to sacrifice and be a party pooper- you just have to know how to booze smart. 

all-the-things-meme-generator-vacation-time-drink-all-the-beers-a8d511Obviously drinking copious amounts of alcohol is not recommended for your health or in terms of calorie consumption but if you want to enjoy a refreshing adult bevie or two (not ten) on the beach or by the pool there’s a way to booze without throwing all your hard work out the window.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your vacation libations in check: -4Since mixed drinks from the bar tend to be loaded with calories and sugar, I typically stick to wine when I am ordering.  I am not really a mixed drink person, but if I am going to enjoy one, I always make my own therefore I can control what goes into it and save myself a few bucks in the meantime.

There are also a few hacks I use to make them tasty without getting all crazy with ingredients.  Since discovering NUUN I have been using it to make flavored cocktails and if I need a beverage boost, Pure LYFT works wonders.

Here are some links to a few simple cocktail recipes I found to wet your whistle:

My NUUN Tri-Berry SangriaImage-1The Nuun-arita from OUaL
nuun-aritaWatermelon Champagne from Girls Gone Sporty watermelon-champagneThere are also a variety of other low calorie mixers or beverages from Girls Gone Sporty here or you can check out this link from The Greatest where they list 60 Healthier Drinks for Boozing

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I have also been using Pure LYFT while on vacation to give my wine a little buzz…because ya know, day drinking can lead to afternoon naps and nobody got time for that 😉

-1Bonus hack: -2Use your wine bottle as a massage roller when you’re done working out! I would recommend working out BEFORE you drink, just a suggestion though! 😀

Want to add some buzz to your booze? Enter to win my Pure LYFT giveaway here!  You can also use the code FFMSHIPFREE at checkout to get free shipping if you decided to place an order! :)

What is your vacation drink of choice?

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