Healthy & Fit Travel: Get Your Groceries!

One of the first things I do once we get to our destination is go grocery shopping. Why? I can’t stand to not have the food with me that I normally eat because then I know I am setting myself up for failure or worse, starvation. I have honestly gotten to a point in my healthy living lifestyle that I would rather go hungry than eat something I know will make me sick later.

Plus staying in routine is the key to success.  When you break routine or find yourself in a new environment without a plan, you are likely to resort to making decisions that you’ll later regret.  In the context of diet and exercise this is especially true and planning ahead can make all the difference.  Stephanie from Strong Figure shared with me a post about clean eating on the road.  Her friend Reagan went all out, prepacked all of her meals and ended up feeling in control and confident her entire trip- GO Reagan! That’s what I call dedication!
While I don’t make all of my meals before hand, I do prepare by bringing what I use on a regular basis.  If there are certain items I know won’t be readily available in the area I am traveling to, I pack them ahead of time. Especially if I am going to a location where grocery items tend to be more expensive.
A few of the items that I pack no matter what are the protein powders/supplements/hydration tabs that I use.  Not only would it be silly for me to purchase them again at our destination but seeing them in the room reminds me to workout and gives me the motivation to get up and moving.

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Other more perishable grocery items I purchase once we arrive at our destination.  Fortunately, I am provided with a small economy kitchen in our hotel room so I am able to cook/make minor meals to keep me on track while I am here. Since we arrived in Maryland late Sunday night, my husband and I took an early morning quick trip to the local Super Fresh to grab a few grocery staples that we use on a regular basis at home. Healthy & Fit Travel: Get Your Groceries Not all of the items that we purchased are pictured but this is just to give you an idea. If I didn’t have almond milk I might actually shrivel up and die (it’s imperative to my protein smoothies/shakes) and since I have almond butter and toast for breakfast every morning they were a must.

Later, I used the app Food Tripping that I mentioned in my previous post to locate an organic food market.  I found one called Ocean City Organics not far from my hotel and went on a little trip to see what fun grocery goodies I could find there.  Healthy & Fit Travel: Get Your Groceries Healthy & Fit Travel: Get Your Groceries The store had a great selection of fresh produce, meats, nut butters of all varieties and whatever else you can imagine would belong in an organic store.  I chose to just purchase a few items that I could use for lunch or a snack.  The Qrunch burgers looked interesting to me because they are made of quinoa and are low sodium, dairy, soy, gluten, all that fun stuff free.  The ingredients looked pretty clean and they claim you can pop them in a toaster- I figured they may come in handy for lunch along with a salad that I could get from the restaurant downstairs.  I also bought the raw seed crackers because they looked delish and obviously I had to pick up more Chia Bars especially since they were COFFEE FLAVORED!!!!

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 Clearly I get excited about groceries and while you don’t see a lot of greenery pictured its because I have vegetables available to me from other family members who are staying here plus we tend to grab salads for lunch and go out to dinner each night so I didn’t want to buy things that would go to waste.  Here are some basic tips that I use as a guideline to stay on track whenever I go on a long term vacation:

Healthy & Fit Travel: Grocery Tips Like I said before, staying in routine and bringing/buying food items that you’re used to eating is the key to success.  Also, having healthy options available in your room and being able to make a meal is a money saver- which means more moola for other vacation related fun, like mini golf or the spa treatment I’m getting later 😉

The next post I am going to focus on how to stay on track with being active while on vacation- I know have kind of talked food to death a bit.

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Who else is going on a fun trip soon? How do you incorporate your regular routine into vacation?

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