Healthy & Fit Travel: Road Trip Snacks

Healthy & Fit Travel: Road Trip Snacks If you’re anything like me you’re hungry ALL the time and if I’m not fed I can get hangry real quick.  What’s hangry you might ask? Here’s a quick definition: hangry
For some reason I get especially hangry when I’m trapped in a car- probably out of boredom mostly.  What else are you supposed to do as an imprisoned co-pilot? I try to keep snacking-while-bored to a minimum but if hunger strikes and we are trapped in traffic, healthy options are a must. 

Since our drive from New York to Ocean City, Maryland is an eight hour trip, I made sure I was snack pack prepared.  In the days before we left, I made a list of some healthy options to take on the road.  A few of the snacks I made ahead of time and others I purchased prepackaged. The ultimate goal with all the the snacks I brought being that they were satiating  and obviously healthy.

The few snacks I made ahead of time weren’t complicated but were what I knew I might crave and also fit my dietary needs.  Those two things are key for me when packing snacks- make sure it is nutritious and not going to contribute to mindless munching.

My Snack List:

Travel Snacks
I am a huge egg person and they are a great source of protein and are the perfect snack to help keep me full when I’m feeling famished.  I just simply boiled and peeled them ahead of time and stuck them in a to-go container in the cooler in the car.  No muss, no fuss just something quick and simple to satisfy the hunger monster. 
Travel Snacks I made these Cacao, Chia & Hazelnut Protein Balls from the new cookbook, NOURISH by Lorna Jane.  While they did involve a bit more time to make (maybe like a half hour), they are another perfect snack for me to help with any sweet tooth craving I might have plus they are jam-packed with healthy fats to help keep me full.  These really do taste decadent but given their superfood ingredients, I don’t feel so bad eating one plus they are a lot better for you than anything you’ll find on the shelves of a rest-stop gas station. 

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Travel Snacks Apples and almonds make the perfect pair and are my go-to snack anytime so obviously they were included in my travel snack pack.  Apples and almonds really are perfect together because both provide fiber which slows digestion and will help to make you feel fuller longer.  The almond/almond butter also provide that additional fat that apples are lacking but your body needs in order to feel energized. I found these travel size Justin’s almond butter packets at T.J. Maxx which are much easier to travel with in the car.  Not pictured is a bag of raw almonds that I brought as well.  One can never have too many almonds 😉

Travel Snacks

Making your own food is always ideal but if you’re going to buy prepackaged snacks I recommend these little nuggets of chia heaven.  What I love about Chia Bars is that they have both fiber and protein and are perfect to give you a boost of energy if you just need something to hold you over. -4These are another delicious snack that has chia in it along with sunflower and flax. These little bits are raw, gluten free and satisfy my craving for chips. They are also high in fiber and protein which help to keep me full.

Other snacks that are easy to pack are raw veggies like carrots and cucumbers which also help to satisfy the craving for a crunch.  They are a favorite of my friend Redd, who blogs at Reddy Set Fit and fit her dietary needs since she is training for competition and fruit and too much fat are not part of her current dietary intake. She also just wrote a post with tips on staying successful while traveling- you can check it out here!

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Since we all have different cravings and all taste buds are not made equal, I think simple points to remember when packing for road trips snacks are:

Travel Snack Tips If you’re really craving a meal instead of snacks while you’re on the road and have some time to spare; I found this really cool app called Food Tripping that will give you a list of healthy/organic options that are around you.

Travel Snack TipsWhat I love about it is that the app not only provides you with healthy eateries that are in your area of travel but also show you what healthy/organic food markets are in the surroundings.  This is especially helpful to me because I immediately go on a grocery shopping trip once I reach my destination.  I am going to save the grocery shopping tips for another post but I had to give mention to Food Tripping since it can be used while in route and is super cool! Plus, it’s free!!! :)

Hope this post was helpful, it is first in a series of posts that I will be bringing to you all week long while I sit in the hotel room hiding from the sun! Feel free to let me know if there are any tips that interest you!

What snacks do you like to pack when you travel? Does anyone else get hangry while on the road or is it just me?

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