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Saturday I will be leaving the great state of New York with my husband, kids and his family and making our annual trek to Ocean City, Maryland. I don’t know the exact number of years but his family has been making it a tradition to go there since before my husband was born…so over three decades.   The whole family, give or take 30 people, rent several cottages and rooms and stay along the oceanfront side of OCMD.  Ever since we were dating it has inherently become my annual vacation as well and given the business of our schedules it is really the only trip we take during the summer.  The daytime is filled with fun at the beach, soaking up the sun and lounging by the pool with a Tipsy Turtle in hand. It all sounds quite lovely but I wouldn’t really know. 52167710

Unfortunately, I have an allergy to the sun.  Not like I get sunburned, should have worn more sunscreen kind of allergy but an actual legitimate I might die (not really) after five minutes of sun exposure type allergy to the sun.  It’s called Polymorphic Light Eruption Disorder (PMLE) and is debilitating to the point where I am locked in the hotel room until sunset.  Kinda like a vampire. 


Even though I avoid the sun, I still have to take precautions just in case I end up being exposed for too long.  One of the recommended treatments is taking beta carotene which is converted into vitamin A and helps to harden the skin.  In order for this type of therapy to work though, I have to take 100,000 I. U.’s, which is 4 times the recommended daily amount and can cause carotenosis which is a fancy word for orange skin.  My palms turn orange and I take on a yellowy orange hue.  Kinda like an Oompa Loompa.  

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 I also have to take a hefty dose of steroids just in case of a potential break out or rash…it helps to suppress the immune system’s response to the allergic reaction but can cause me to be a little hyper and a lot hungry.  So I’m pent up in a room with lots of energy and a huge appetite which means I have to make sure I’m surrounding myself with healthy choices.  The worst part is I can’t even wear sunscreen even if I wanted to venture out for a healthy bite because that only seems to aggravate it and make it worse.  What’s the answer to that? Wine. 


Just kidding.  Sorta. I will actually be using  the daylight hours to workout in the room and blog to my hearts content while everyone else will be having fun in the sun.  Since I will have all the time in the world I figured I could put together a series about making healthy choices and staying fit and active while traveling and vacationing.  Each day I will post different tips/topics such as; packing eating healthy while on the road, fun ways to workout and things to keep you motivated. 

I will be traveling most of Saturday but hope to start the series on Monday and post about a new topic each day until we leave on Friday! Even though I won’t be able to enjoy myself with the rest of the crew, I am excited to have something to work on so at least I feel like I am being productive.  I would be happy to hear from you if there is a specific topic you’d like me to write about! Let me know in the comments sections or feel free to email me at! :) 

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What kind of tips or topics would interest you? What ways do you struggle to stay on track when you travel? 

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