Holiday Fit List: Top 5 Gifts for Runners!


Top Holiday Gifts for RunnersYesterday I posted about my top five stocking stuffers for runners and today I’m sharing with you my top five gifts for runners! I own each one of these items and they are among my favorite gear and I am sure any runner would be happy to receive! :) 

1. FlipBelt: My top pick for a gift would be the FlipBelt.  I literally do not leave my house for a run without it. 


FlipBelt is a singular tubular waistband that stylishly stores all your running must haves.  The belt is big enough to easily carry my iPhone 6 along with my fuel and keys, money or and an ID without being bulky or bouncing up and down.  There is even a little clip to attach your keys to- how smart!

You can easily access any of the items you store through any of the slits around the band.  To secure your items you just simply flip the belt over once you store them- hence the name FlipBelt! 

Top 5 gifts for runners


FlipBelt is available in a variety of pretty colors! I have both the pink and black :) It is also made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lyrca blend and is machine washable and machine dryable which is super important since most of the time it’s gonna end up covered in sweat 😉

I also have a limited of number of 33% off discount codes to share- if you’d like to purchase this for a runner (or yourself) then just comment below letting me know and I will send you a personal code. Once I share, no one else can use it so be sure to only inquire if you really want one, just to be fair to everyone.  :)

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Top Gifts for Runners


2. Apera Bags: I own not one but TWO Apera Bags and I absolutely LOVE them! They would make the perfect gift for any runner who hits the gym daily or travels to race-cations often.  

Not only are they the most functional bags ever but they are also healthy. The material they are made of is treated with anti-microbial protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria.  Each bag also has vented compartments, wipeable linings and a washable insert…..oh and LOTS of pockets!  They are seriously amazing.  You can read more about Apera Bags in my review here



3. PR Soles:  After a long run nothing is better than a massage for the feet! PR Soles from Gone For A Run are designed with a foam cushioned, lightweight, acupoint soles that massage your feet using trigger point therapy to improve circulation and help break up lactic acid, reducing pain in your aching feet!

I have a pair and let me tell you, they are a treat for your feet for sure! Any runner would be thrilled to receive these and their feet will thank you too.  You can read more about PR Soles and my review here



Top 5 Gifts for Runners

4. Mio LINK: I mentioned Mio as a great gift in my gift guide for the fitness enthusiast post and I’ll suggest it again here because I love it so much.  I own both the Mio ALPHA (which has a display feature) and the LINK (which is a band) and use them both regularly. The Mio LINK provides consistent, accurate heart rate data with NO chest straps! It is Bluetooth Smart and connects with a variety of apps and can be paired with a number of GPS watches, including most Garmin watches.  

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It’s a great gift for any runner who is looking to ditch the chest strap.  You can read more about Mio and information on both the ALPHA and the LINK here.    

Top 5 Gifts for Runners


5. Pro Compression: Last but not least, compression socks would make a great gift for any runner you know.  I own both Pro Compression socks and sleeves and wear both for post-run recovery.  Compression therapy has personally helped me recover much faster following a long run and many runners I know also swear by compression socks and sleeves both during and after their run as well.  

You can read more about Pro Compression and my review of their calf sleeves here

QOTD: What is the one fit gift you’re hoping to receive this holiday season?  

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