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iFit Active Review Over the last few weeks, I have been wearing the iFit Active that the people at iFit were nice enough to send me to review. The iFit Active is a tracking device that is meant to unify fitness at home, outside or in the gym all through a single login.  Since iFit is internet based, it allows the wearable activity tracker to use the information synced in the app to update on a single user log-in account on iFit.com where it then creates an interactive experience with any iFit enabled fitness equipment.

The three-in-one tracking device comes with a band, a clip and a removable pod that you can carry in your pocket and tracks caloric output/input, steps taken, distance and sleep.  This data is all recorded on the pod and syncs directly with the iFit app where you can view your data as well as input information on calories consumed. The app, called iFit Track is split up into three sections on a dashboard that displays information on nutrition, sleep and steps taken. iFit Active Review iFit Active Review You can click on the pear,  walking figure or moon icon to further view your data for each. When you click on the pear, this is the information that is displayed.  It will break down your calories consumed and also displays the calories that you have burned.  Since I don’t track my calories, I didn’t use this particular feature but I did play around with it a bit and much like other fitness apps where you can track calories, you can search specific foods to log in order to provide a specific/more accurate nutritional breakdown. iFit Active Review When you click on the walking icon, you can view more information on the steps you’ve taken, distance that you’ve traveled as well as your caloric burn from both working out as well as calories you’ve burned during rest.  You can log a workout simply by pressing a toggle button on the actual pod to initiate the start of a workout and then toggle it again to stop and save when you’re done.  You can also set the pod to remind you to move if you have been idle for a certain amount of time and if you haven’t reached your goal by the end of the day it will also send a workout to your iFit account or iFit enabled fitness equipment so that you can complete your goal. iFit Active Review

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The iFit also tracks your sleep patterns/cycle and breaks it down by the amount of time you were in deep sleep, light sleep and awake and how many times you woke up.  You can also set it to go into sleep mode/wake up mode at a certain times and use it as an alarm so that it will vibrate to wake you up. 

If you decide to take your fitness activity outside, say for a running or cycling, you can use the iFit Outside app to track your activity and also record your route via GPS, as well as pace, speed, time, elevation gain heart rate (if you wear a Bluetooth enabled heart rate watch), cadence and calories burned.  This information will be stored on your iFit account and you can also upload your route to any iFit fitness equipment!

Since I happen to own a Free Motion treadmill that is equipped with iFit, I was able to see how this part of the interactive experience worked. On the days when I wasn’t as active and didn’t reach my goal of 10, 000 steps/3.1 miles- I was notified by iFit that I had a new workout waiting for me! These workouts were normally run or walks that took place via Google maps anywhere in the world from Niagara Falls to Spain to Brazil to Switzerland!

Overall Thoughts:


What I love most about the iFit Active is that it is an interactive experience that I can use with my home treadmill as well as outside when I go for a run or walk.  Since I haven’t tried out other fitness trackers to compare (although I have tried them on), I would say that if you have or use iFit enabled equipment this is a really cool piece of gear that bring the entire experience together.  I love that workouts were created for me if I didn’t meet my goal and all I had to do was hop on my treadmill and my remaining steps/distance were already programmed in on a course for me to complete. 

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I also really loved that the band would prompt me to move if I was idle for too long and that I could input calorie intake (if I tracked it) directly on the band if I wanted to as well as log workouts just with the toggle of a button.


Although I generally like the iFit Active, there were a few things that I thought could use some improvement.  First, I have very petite wrists and I felt that the band was a little difficult to get on and off.  Even though it fit on the tightest setting, the band wasn’t as flexible as I would have liked so it involved a bit of effort each time I put it on and took it off.  I did really like the clip that locked it in to place though and think that is a nice feature that other bands I have tried on don’t have.  I also found that I needed to calibrate the band in order for it to read my steps accurately but once I did it wasn’t an issue. 

Overall, I think if you own or use iFit fitness equipment the iFit Active would be a great buy and well worth the money.  The fact that it unifies my entire fitness experience is something that other fitness activity trackers that are currently on the market don’t offer and that alone is a huge selling point for me!

**Disclaimer** I was provided with an iFit Active in exchange for a review but as always, all opinions are my own.


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