Inspirational Women Who Live The #NoExcuses Life

#NoExcuses #SweatPink

As part of the year long #NoExcuses Challenge through #SweatPink, we have been asked to nominate two people who we think kick major butt and really embody the whole #NoExcuses movement.  

I am extremely honored to have been nominated by not just one but three of my fellow #Sweaties: Lindsay of She Mom Fit/Mothering Outside the Box, Letty of FITaholic MOM and Carrie of Healthy Fit and Barefoot. They all rock and inspire me every day, thanks so much ladies! <3

Now it’s my turn to nominate two more ladies who really rock! In no particular order here are my two nominees: 

Angie from A Mother’s Pace


I have never met Angie in real life but nonetheless she is always there to cheer me on and encourage me on Instagram.  She is seriously a total sweetheart and one #badassmotherrunner.

 Even as a mother of three little kiddos, she still manages to find time for herself and to incorporate exercise and running into her daily routine.  I admire her for her dedication and discipline and her ability to balance motherhood, blogging and finding time to run.

She motivates and inspires me (and everyone she interacts with) every single day and for that reason, she deserves to be recognized as a rock star of the #NoExcuses Challenge! 

Ariana from Evolution by Ariana 


My dear friend (who I’ve also never met) is a kick butt personal trainer and one awesomely inspiring chick! She is one of the very first “friends” I made on Instagram and she has continued to support, motivate and inspire me on a daily basis.  

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What I love about Ariana is that she keeps it real while showing you what it means to live a life of #NoExcuses.  She’s constantly sharing new workouts and exercise moves on IG along with healthy and super yummy recipes.  

Her dedication to living a healthy and active lifestyle and sharing that passion by helping others do the same is what makes her a #NoExcuses champ! 

Thank you Angie and Ariana for always inspiring, motivating and supporting me and everyone else.  You absolutely rock and I am honored to be your friend- hopefully one day in real life! 😉  Now it’s your turn to go tag two inspiring #NoExcuses rockstars! 


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