Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

Would it be corny if I say I’m jumping for joy that it’s Wednesday?!

Jumping that is because not only is it Workout Wednesday but also because Dave Hunt from the Crossrope Jump Rope system is back to share without not only a workout but also 3 exercises that you can do to help master the art of jumping rope! 

Quick Recap

Before we dig into today’s jump rope content, I want to quickly go over what we learned in Part 1 of the Jump Rope 101 series

Jump rope training has many big benefits.  You can train anywhere, achieve a wide variety of fitness goals, and create fun and engaging workouts that can get you results. 

When it comes to selecting a rope that will set you up for success, I recommended starting your journey with heavy jump ropes. 

Finally, I shared three quick jump rope tips to help you get started right: symmetry, minimal upper body movement, and light bounding.

Today I’ll guide you on some simple jump rope exercises for beginners and how to build your first jump rope workout.

You ready to get jumping?

Jump rope exercises and workout for beginners from Crossrope creator Dave Hunt!

3 Jump Rope Exercises for Beginners

Once you’ve got the basic technique down (see Part 1), you’re ready to start exploring the world of jump rope exercises.

The cool thing about jump rope training is that there are dozens of exercises that range in difficulty and intensity that you can use to build your workouts.

Today we’re going to explore the three most important exercises beginners should learn.

1 – Basic jump

The basic jump – also known as the single under – is the first and most important exercise that you must learn. This skill sets the foundation for all effective jump rope workouts.

The basic jump looks like this:


Here are some simple tips to help you learn the basic jump:

  • Keep your head and chest up, shoulders back
  • Stay relaxed, especially in the upper body, but keep a solid grip on the handles
  • Use a mirror (if you can) to ensure that you’re maintaining symmetry
  • Keep your knees slightly bent for maximum suspension and keep your feet together
  • Maintain a light bound and land softly and balanced on the midsole of your feet

Bonus tip: if you are performing the double hop (where you need to jump twice for every rope turn), check out this video to see how to break this incorrect habit.

2 – Alternate foot

Once you feel comfortable with the basic jump, it’s time to move to the alternate foot jump – also known as the jump rope sprint or running on the spot.

This will be one of the most useful jump rope exercises in your skill set because it’s great for building high-intensity workouts (more on that later).

The alternate foot jump looks like this:


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Here are some simple tips to learn the alternate foot jump:

  • Keep your head and chest up, shoulders back
  • Stay relaxed, especially in the upper body, but keep a solid grip on the handles
  • Use a mirror to ensure that you’re maintaining symmetry
  • Keep your knees slightly bent for maximum suspension and keep your feet together
  • To improve your rhythm, try running in place without the jump rope

3 – Side to Side

The third jump rope exercise all beginners should master is the side to side exercise. This is a simple variation of the basic jump that will allow you to mix up your workouts.

The side to side exercise looks like this:


Here are some simple tips to learn the side-to-side exercise:

  • Keep your feet together at all times
  • The further your jump from side to side, the more challenging the exercise will be

Bonus: are you an advanced jumper? Then you might be more interested in advanced exercises like the double under. Check out our full tutorial on how to do double unders.

Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

Alright, so you’ve got your basic exercises covered.

Now it’s time to get to work and start getting amazing results by building your very own jump rope workouts.

As I mentioned in the first part of this series, the jump rope will help you achieve a wide variety of fitness goals and that’s because you can build a wide variety of workouts.

Today I’ll show you one of my favorite workout templates – one that’s helped thousands of beginners get started with their jump rope training.

(Note – you’ll need a timer or stopwatch or clock to track your workout).

Here’s how you set it up…

Set your timer to beep every 30 seconds (or just keep an eye on the clock).

When the clock starts, you’re going to alternate between:

  • 30 seconds of low intensity jumping (low pace)
  • 30 seconds of rest
  • then 30 seconds of high intensity jumping (fast pace)
  • another 30 seconds of rest

It’s a 2 minute round including rest. Your goal is simply to alternate between the two for 5 consecutive rounds (total of 10 minutes).

Jump rope exercises and workout for beginners from Crossrope creator Dave Hunt!

Important tips:

You can use any of the three jump rope exercises you’ve learned to complete this workout. I recommend you start with the basic jump and see how it feels.

Eventually, you can work up to the more challenging alternate foot jump because it will allow you to really push the pace on the high-intensity interval.

If you really want to make the workout challenging, use a heavy rope. We’ve already discussed the weighted jump rope benefits for beginners, but they offer a huge bang for your buck when it comes to workout results.

Finally, for this workout template, keep in mind that the greater the difference between the low and high intensity intervals, the more effective the workout becomes.

That’s it.

I hope you enjoyed this series on jump rope training 101. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

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Dave Hunt is the creator of the innovative Crossrope training system. If you’d like to learn more about Crossrope, check out our weighted jump rope system. If you enjoyed this jump rope series and want to learn more, check out our full tutorial on how to build your own jump rope weight loss workouts.


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