How to Keep Your Running Legs Fresh Between Ragnar Legs

If you were to ask any soon-to-be Ragnarian what the hardest part of a 12 person, 200 mile overnight relay would be they would probably answer “not getting any sleep” and rightfully so.  In fact, Ragnar has worked it into much of their marketing scheme.  

Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat. 

Don’t get me wrong.  The question mark is there for a reason.  Do you really get sleep? No, probably not that much BUT if you were to ask a Ragnarian what the hardest part of a Ragnar Relay is they will tell you it’s not the lack of sleep OR the actually running.  It’s riding in a van between running your legs.  

Think about it.  You finish your 1st leg and then hop back in the van to ride along for the next several hours until you’re ready to run again.  At first you’re just stiff but when it comes time to finally run your second or third leg, they can feel like straight up lead.  

This is where an experienced Ragnarian (like myself) would come in and tell you that yes, your legs could feel like the heaviest concrete blocks ever IF you don’t take the care of them.  

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to keep your legs fresh that don’t involve too much effort….which is important since you’ll be sleep deprived and all that jazz 😉 

Since Reebok Ragnar Adirondacks is fast approaching, I figured no better time to share these tips than now! 

How to Keep Your Running Legs Fresh Between Ragnar Legs

Roll Out.

How to Keep Your Running Legs Fresh Between Ragnar Legs

Roll out! Roll out! Roll out! Roll out!…..everyone have some Luda stuck in their heads now? Good.  But seriously, Giving your muscles a little TLC after your legs is where it’s at.  Obviously, there isn’t room in the van to pack a huge foam roller and to be honest, they really aren’t my go to anyway.  I prefer Addaday’s Type C roller which is small enough to pack in your bag and break out during van stops.  

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If you need to work out some tight muscles while you’re driving and don’t want to bother your van neighbor by accidentally smacking them with a stick then I highly recommend their Marble Massager which works for a full body massage including the ability to use it as a foot massager! 


5 Ways to Keep Your Running Legs Fresh Between Ragnar Legs

I have talked about the benefits of compression for running performance before but my favorite way to use compression socks is for recovery.  CEP Compression socks helps to repair damaged muscles and tissue by supplying more blood flow through them which reduces muscles soreness and recovery time.  

Wearing them in-between legs will also help to prepare your muscles for the next leg by keeping them nice and warm! 

Stay Hydrated. 

5 Ways to Keep Your Running Legs Fresh Between Ragnar Legs

No, but seriously, it is SO important to stay hydrated.  Sitting in a car, chatting, laughing and passing the ride away with all sorts of fun can make it really easy to forget to drink up.  Not only is it important to hydrate with some H2O but it’s also important to replace electrolytes that you’ve sweat out on your previous run.  

My go-to for easy and portable electrolyte replacement is Nuun, which can easily be found at any of the Ragnar exchanges! :) 

Repair with BCAAs

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If you’ve been running or working out long enough, you’ve probably heard that you should be including BCAAs into your recovery routine.  BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids help to enhance recovery and promote faster muscle repair post-workout. 

Studies have even shown that “an intake of the BCAA can lower the concentration of serotonin, a central fatigue substance, during endurance exercise, which subsequently can reduce the concentrations of muscle damage substances such as CK (creatine kinase) and LDH ((lactate dehydrogenase) and enhance exercise performance…Therefore, the intake of the BCAA is presumed to help contribute to enhancing exercise performance by exerting its influence on fatigue substances, muscle damage substances, and energy metabolism substances.

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Problem is that most of these BCAAs come in powder form which is not only hard to bring along in and mix on-the-go but they typically don’t taste all that great.  Enduropacks, on the other hand, have just come out with a capsule version that is easy to take on-the-go and still provide all the necessary amino acids for optimal recovery. 


Get out and CHEER!



This might sound a little cliche but I SWEAR getting OUT of the van, moving around and cheering on your fellow teammates with some mo’ cowbell is not only what it’s all about but will also help to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness.  

I promise you not only will your fellow Ragnarians appreciate it but your muscles will too! :) 

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