Keep your hydration game on point with Fitletic’s newest item, HydraPocket!

With summer and warmer temps quickly approaching, staying hydrated on the run becomes even more important.  Being dehydrated on the run is no fun and can really hinder your performance and though it might seem as simple as drinking enough H2O, there are actually a few tips and tricks that will keep your hydration game on point.  

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1. Hydrate beforehand.

At least 2 hours before a run be sure that you’re drinking at least 8 ounces of water 1-2 hours before your run then another 4 ounces immediately before you run.  Hydrating beforehand ensures that you have fluid to sweat.  If you’re already thirsty when you start to run, you’re already dehydrated and that’s no bueno as far as performance is concerned. 

2. Keep it cold with crushed ice.

When your body starts to overheat, your performance begins to suffer.  Hot temps outside combined with the heat that your body is creating internally can really take a toll on your pace and effort.  Instead of rehydrating with warm water, keep it cold with some crushed ice.  Not only will it feel refreshing but it will also help to maintain and control body temperature.  

3. Sports drink to replace electrolytes.

When you sweat you lose electrolytes so it’s important to replace them especially on hot days when you’re sweating more.  Electrolytes contain important minerals like sodium, potassium and calcium that help to fuel your performance.  Staying hydrated and replacing them as you sweat them out is crucial.  Sports drinks and on the go electrolyte tabs like NUUN are a great way to replenish what you’ve lost so you can avoid things like cramping and dehydration.

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4. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.

One of the most important things to remember is not to wait until your thirsty to hydrate.  Try to drink frequently, it doesn’t have to be a lot just smaller amounts in regular intervals will help.  This can be tricky if you are relying on water fountains or water stops along the way, which brings me to my next tip! 

5. Carry it with you: Fitletic’s Hydrapocket

I learned a very long time ago when I found myself dehydrated and ready to pass out on a long run that a source of hydration NEEDED to be carried with me.  Unlike a lot of those who live in the city and have access to water fountains or stations, I do not.  I live in the middle of no where so unless I carry my hydration with me, I have little to no access to H2O.

The great think about Fitletic’s new Hydrapocket is that you can carry your water AND store your fuel in the nifty little lightweight pocket.  

Take a look:


Fitletic Hydrapocket- Perfect for keeping hydrated and fueling on the run!


The bottle itself holds 12 ounces of fluid and the pocket is just big enough for a gel and a few electrolyte tabs so you can keep hydrated and fueled on your run.  

It’s so easy to use and so lightweight that my 5 year old daughter stole it and claimed it as hers for her upcoming kid races :) Since the top is leak free but easy to drink out of, I let her have it. It’s actually perfect for her and she feels just like her mama now! 

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Anyway, the exciting part is that Fitletic has generously agreed to give one away to my readers as well! :) Just use the rafflecopter below to enter. 

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