Keys To Living A NO LIMITS Mindset

Limits.  We all have them but if you really think about it, they’re self imposed. 

How much we think can tolerate… how many push-ups we think we can do, how many miles we think we can run, how high we think we can climb.  When those limits are pre-determined, when we tell ourselves that we can’t take anymore – that’s us stopping ourselves from reaching our full potential.

On the flip side, when we realize that we are in control of setting the bar to each of our floors and ceilings AND that we are in charge of how we react to each challenge as it comes then that is when we become LIMITLESS. 

Keys to Living A No LIMITS Mindset

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Gixo in partnership with FitApproach but as always, all opinions are my own.

I write this as if I am some sort of goal smashing guru but the fact of the matter is that I often have to remind myself that I am in control and more capable than I realize. Lately, more so than not.

I started off the new year with a positive, go-getter attitude – ready to smash goals and leave last year in the dust but so far, 2018 has had other plans for me. 

Between a CRAP TON of snow (meaning literal FEET), ARCTIC tundra temps (for real, it was colder than Antarctica here several days in a row) plus several snow days (HELLO, cabin fever) and a death in the family, I’ve had a lot of reasons to just throw in the towel and wish for 2019….or at least a vacation. 

Alas, there’s no such vacation or time hop in sight.  There is, however, my mindset which I have complete control of every second of every day – my circumstances do not control me, I control how I react to them.  I adopted this frame of mind early in life and it has helped me to push past the bad days and rough patches and is KEY to making through the days that seem impossible along with these other ways of thinking….

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KEYS to having a NO LIMITS mindset:

Take responsibility for your current situation and own it – it’s not up to anyone else but you.  You are the only thing holding yourself back from YOU.  

Accept that life has hiccups and refuse to let them pull you down.

When life gets complicated, break it down and make it simple. 

Once you put yourself back in control of your day, refuse to let life dictate how you react and simplify your solutions, you become limitless. 

With everything going on these past two weeks, I could have said screw it and buried myself under a trillion blankets, binged watched Netflix and not worked out but that is not what I did.  In fact, I worked out every single day last week and even thwarted off cabin fever (and crazy kids) with the help of a new fitness app I was recently introduced to. 

I am limitless


As it goes as far as fitness apps, I generally don’t use them very often.  I used to when I first started working out but over the years, I have developed my routine and when it comes to exercise I am pretty self motivated. 

That being said, when I actually looked into the Gixo app and saw that it wasn’t just a bunch of streaming workouts but you had access to LIVE coaches to help you through a virtual class, I was intrigued.  They’re there to help you push through your workout and achieve your goals

Gixo is set up so that you can join live classes with different coaches throughout the day along with other users throughout the world.  For example, you can join a 40 minute Endurance Walk or Run, Indoor Cardio or Circuit Training class that is guided by a live coach who checks in with you via text, phone and even can FaceTime you.

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Like I said, I am generally pretty self motivated but with everything I had going on this past week, including the really crappy weather, it was amazing to have a coach there (and real human interaction) to guide me through my indoor workouts when I absolutely was not able to leave the house. 

Signing up in advance also kept me accountable and gave me something to look forward and a fun way to get my sweat on – not to mention I was able to do some of these classes in the comfort of my living room with the kiddos close by. 


 Classes are offered throughout the day and you can sign up right before which is great when you need a backup workout plan. Having a plan to attack your goals and kick your fears in the face is part of being limitless.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and those who push themselves and are willing to push you to achieve your goals is contagious – the Gixo app does that, so if you’re having trouble getting your butt into gear then I highly recommend giving it a try. 


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Kim G
Reply January 10, 2018

I really love this campaign. You are so right that we often put limits on ourselves. I like that you started off the new year with such a positive attitude even with everything that has been thrown at you these past few weeks

Janelle @ Run With No Regrets
Reply January 10, 2018

Gixo sounds like a really cool app! Thinking about my limits is a topic that really resonates with me right now.

Reply January 10, 2018

Live coaches! That's so cool. I'm intrigued, but also a bit intimidated. :)

Kimberly Hatting
Reply January 10, 2018

I've had to really dig deep to stay active recently, as well, because of the wicked temps in Iowa. Thankfully, I have my good old trusty stairway and some hand weights...oh, and that treadmill.

Deborah Brooks
Reply January 10, 2018

I am so guilty of talking myself into believing I am not capable of achieving something before I even try
Deborah Brooks recently posted...Stock Your Home Gym With These Must HavesMy Profile

Reply January 10, 2018

This is awesome! I love your no limits attitude!
Debbie recently posted...5 Training Mistakes Can Hijack Your Running Goals (and Cause Injury)My Profile

Laura @ This Runner's Recipes
Reply January 10, 2018

We do so often limit our potential based on what we think we can do. I try to remove those limits each year when I set goals, which is sometimes the hardest part about achieving goals.

Reply January 10, 2018

This seems like a great app! I really like your point of view here, very motivating!

Nicole @ Fitful Focus
Reply January 10, 2018

I plan on trying GIXO tomorrow :)

Reply January 12, 2018

No joke, our limiting beliefs really put a ceiling/lid on our capabilities! I LOVE the #IAMLIMITLESS message! Oh, and I also really like Gixo. I am pretty self-motivated too, but I think I work harder when I'm in a class than I do when I just run solo.

Reply January 16, 2018

Great post! <3 Learning to roll with the punches and to tackle things step by step definitely has been helping me out a lot in life! I need to pop in on a workout with you on Gixo sometime! <3!!

Reply January 17, 2018

Yes, yes, yes!! It's all about the mindset - it can really make or break the day. Gixo has been turning days around for me when I "don't have time" or it's pouring rain and I just don't want to do anything.

Jamie King
Reply January 17, 2018

The mindset is everything - it's been a game changer for me - I truly believe in the power of mindset - it can get you through anything! We are absolutely LIMITLESS! XOXO

Reply January 17, 2018

YES! Gixo is a great reminder that you and you alone are in charge of your situation. In a bad mood, missed yoga class, too cold to run? Flip it with the app! Still get in that workout!

Erica Friedman
Reply January 17, 2018

LOVE this post and this campaign. So many amazing messages and positivity.

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