LaceLocker: An Ingenious Idea with a Great Cause!

LaceLocker I recently purchased LaceLockers (keeps your laces in place!) and had the pleasure of connecting with the creator, Carol “STASH” Stanley and learned the story behind this brilliant idea.  I was so inspired by it that I wanted to share it with you all. 

Carol and I actually connected through Twitter as she recognized that I listed Central New York as my location.  She told me that she is a native of Syracuse, NY which is not a far cry from the small Upstate “city” that I reside in.   Anytime I “meet” someone on social media that has a geographical connection to me, I am immediately intrigued. After we chatted for a bit through DM about LaceLocker and upcoming races in the NY area we exchanged email addresses and she sent me a newspaper article explaining the story behind the birth of LaceLocker.  LaceLocker

 The article tells the story about how Carol was running one day and accidentally tripped on her laces, slammed face down smashing her head into the concrete.  Frustrated by the incident, she decided to come up with a solution to lock them in place so that she would never have to fall victim to loose laces again.  That is when LaceLocker was born with the mission to “make you forget you ever tied your laces”.  She has a much larger mission though and that is to fund a scholarship for kids who can’t otherwise afford to go to college- with the proceeds that she makes from the sale of LaceLocker. 


Carol herself struggled to pay her way through school and she wants to make sure that students are never denied their right to education because they can’t afford it.  What I learned through my email conversation with her that isn’t in the article is that her strong belief in education for all stems from her mother’s passion for education who only completed school up to 8th grade. There is now a scholarship set up in her Mom’s memory at SUNY Fredonia where she attended school and where members of her LackLocker team also attend. 

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I could go on for several more paragraphs about how inspired I was by our conversation and all the fascinating things I learned but what is important to know is that Carol is passionate about LaceLocker and her cause plus LaceLocker is pretty amazing and easy to use. Seriously, look how simple it is: 

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

 This fun video created by two Fredonia students also demonstrates just how easy they are to use!

Not only is it simple to use but it is super affordable and really quite essential when you think about it.  LaceLockers just aren’t reserved for runners though; kids, hockey players, golfers or anyone active with a lace can benefit from this little device.  Plus, they are made from velcro and nylon which allows them to hold up well to wear and tear and easy to wash.  LaceLockers are also customizable in a wide variety of colors and your team or company logo can be printed directly on them.  LaceLocker

I honestly love my LaceLockers and for $7.95 it is well worth every penny for the peace of mind and safety of knowing that my laces will never come loose again! Plus I know that my purchase helps out a great cause- that’s all sorts of awesome if you ask me! 

QOTD: How do you keep your laces from coming untied during a run or race? 

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