Let the Games Begin: The Fitness Games App Review!

The Fitness Games AppRecently I was given the opportunity to try out a new mobile app called The Fitness Games. This competitive app helps to connect fitness enthusiasts through virtual workout and challenges. You can challenge anyone, anywhere at any time! The app is available for both iPhone and Android and is free to download! The Fitness Games honestly is pretty involved so let me break down the inner workings for you. 

The workouts are divided into four categories: strength, cardio, full body and cross training.  You can click on any of the four categories where you’re given the option to pick a workout where you can either challenge yourself, one of your workout partners, someone nearby or someone world-wide. 

With this particular app, the more friends the better. You can look through popular page to find other players to friend or use the search button under the workout partners tab in the sidebar. The My Feed is a lot like a Facebook timeline where it will display your activity along with your friends activity and you can comment on it or like it by hitting the kettlebell button. The Fitness Games creators also have a private Facebook group where you can meet other users and add them to your workout partners list. Soon you’ll even be able to connect with your Facebook friend through the app which will make it even easier to find workout partners to challenge! 

When you do challenge a friend a timer will appear along with the list of exercises you have to complete.  You can also click on each of the exercises and it will bring you to a photo depiction, a video and an exercise description so that you can see how to perform it if you are unfamiliar with the move.

If the exercise requires weights you can also click on the “sets” button which will allow you to input the amount of weight you used for each set. To make it even easier, they have designated bodyweight vs. weighted exercises by color- if it is highlighted in blue then it is a bodyweight exercise and if it is highlighted in white then it is an exercises that requires weight. The total reps or time required is also listed next to each exercise. 


Any of the workouts that you do will also be stored in the workout tracker which is basically a calendar that stores all the details from the workout such as; time completed, number of sets, weight for each set and who won the challenge. If you don’t want to complete one of the predesigned workouts, you can also create your own or apparently even run against another player in real time.

I have been using the app for about a week or so now and have completed a few of the predesigned workouts with it. The first workout that I did was the “Bodyweight Madness 3” workout in the cross training section and I decided to challenge myself to test it out.  Honestly, when I first looked at the list of exercises, I assumed that it wouldn’t be too hard to do.  I am familiar with all of these exercises and incorporate them into my normal workouts on a regular basis.

 Let me tell you something- I was wrong! THIS WORK OUT KICKED MY BUTT! Not necessarily because the exercises were hard but because I was watching the clock as I went through the list.  Having a little “tick-tock” in your face is extremely motivating.  I definitely pushed myself a lot harder than normal. See, look: 

The Fitness Games App This is one seriously sweaty selfie! Perfect picture for sharing on The Fitness Games, not so perfect for sharing on all other forms of social media 😛

The next workout that I did was the Special Forces workout also in the cross training section.  I LOVE workouts like this- they seriously make me feel like one tough chick! Usually when I do this type of workout I push myself but am not timed.  I loved that I was able to challenge myself and do it for time- all while keeping proper form of course!The Fitness Games App Review  I also attempted to challenge a few players but I guess in the short time frame that I have been using the app they haven’t gotten a chance to compete against me yet.  I was challenged to run by two other players but had trouble getting this portion of the app to work. It is likely due to incompetence on my part but I didn’t have time to investigate it further. 

This app is loaded with a bunch of functions and I am sure that I haven’t gotten to explore them all yet but here are my thoughts so far based on my experience. The Fitness Games App

Pros: What I love about this app is that it is designed to keep you motivated and is a designated place where you can share workouts, gym selfies and challenge other players even if they are across the globe.  I also love that it was designed by personal trainers and the workouts that are provided are intense and effective. 

Cons: The one thing that I really wish the app featured was the ability to “check off” each exercise after you do it.  Some of the workouts list the exercise multiple times and it can be confusing at first if you aren’t familiar with the workout.  Also, from what I understand the challenge clock will only work if the app is open which is fine if I am completing a strength training workout but can be frustrating during a run or cardio activity. 

Overall, I think that anyone who is lacking motivation could benefit from using The Fitness Games app.  It not only hosts a library of workouts but also social networking among other like-minded fitness enthusiasts and the type of friendly competition that is sure to get everyone involved.

QOTD: Are you competitive with your fitness? Do you find you push yourself more when you’re being challenged?  


Disclosure statement: This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review.  As always, all opinions are my own.


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GiGi Eats
Reply September 16, 2014

You know what? I've never really thought about ever downloading a fitness app on my phone! I have been wanting to jump back into the weight room (I am a cardio rat) but I just can't motivate myself. Maybe an app would HELP!
GiGi Eats recently posted...Gobble Up These Turbutkles!My Profile

    Reply September 16, 2014

    This would definitely get you motivated and wanting to pump some iron! It's fun that they provide a bunch of workouts which instructions so that there are no guessing games!

Reply September 16, 2014

Look at you go girl with that sweaty selfie, I think it's more than okay to share everywhere :) This app looks cool, but a bit difficult to use, I'm NOT tech savy at all, and YES I am competitive, when others are watching, it's easier to push yourself with an audience!
Amber recently posted...Ola! Granola Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply September 16, 2014

    It is a lot of fun- I think it would be fun to explore even if you didn't use all the features!

Reply September 16, 2014

You did great with this! What I loved about it is there are preset workouts. I tend to show up and so the same ole same ole because I suck at planning. This totally fixes that!
Marcia recently posted...21-Day Reset: Week 1My Profile

    Reply September 16, 2014

    Thank you! I think one of the best features was the preset workouts and I love how they are all broken up by training categories- makes it easier to figure it all out :)

David Ryan
Reply September 22, 2014

Now I want this app. Can't wait to download it.
David Ryan recently posted...The CalculatrMy Profile

Tricia the Good Mama
Reply September 23, 2014

Awesome review! I'm totally downloading that app. I don't know who would want to do it with me though since I'm pretty competitive when it comes to stuff like that (or most stuff who am I kidding haha). Can't wait to check it out.
Tricia the Good Mama recently posted...5 Fun Things to Do in Your Own BackyardMy Profile

Reply October 1, 2014

This is a great review!!! You rocked it!
My review is pretty basic! Such a cool app with so much to learn! :)
Esther recently posted...The Fitness Games App ReviewMy Profile

    Reply October 2, 2014

    Thank you! Heading over to check out your review now :)

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