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On Saturday I read fellow Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, Brooke Birmingham’s story about how SHAPE Magazine refused to publish her post weight loss bikini photo.  She had been asked by SHAPE to be featured in their Success Stories column because she had lost over 170 lbs! Holy crap, GO Brooke!!! She sent in a photo of herself in a bikini to showcase her success and  then they refused to post her photo and requested she send a different one with a t-shirt on.  Seriously?! She declined to continue with the feature and I say good for her! No one should be made to feel ashamed of their bodies!

Then later I read Laura William’s response post on celebrating our bikini bodies by joining together and sharing our own photos and it really had me thinking.  My day had actually been centered around having a conversation about body image so writing up a post about it not only seemed appropriate but also completely necessary.   Let me explain. 

My Saturday morning was spent volunteering at our local National Eating Disorder Walk, which I have been involved with for the last two years.  I was originally asked to help by a former co-worker and since I’m an activist at heart, I didn’t hesitate to get involved.  The walk itself was not that large but the group of people that gathered were all extremely inspiring.   The guest speaker who was featured spoke about learning to love and find your true self by following “the purity of our greatness”.  She actually delivered her message all while beating on an African drum to demonstrate the importance of connecting with who we truly are by the movement of the body.  It was very powerful and profound.  

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After hearing her speak, reading Brooke’s story and Laura’s post about joining together in solidarity to celebrate our perfectly imperfect bodies, I wanted to join in to spread the message.  

Normally I would never dare think of posting a picture of myself in a bikini, I really don’t even sport one in public. Even with all of the photos I post to Instagram about workouts and fitness, you will barely find a selfie on there because it makes me really self conscious. However, in an effort to join in the movement of celebrating my body with all of it’s strength, beauty and imperfections; I am going to share my own photos. Full disclosure here…I had to put on a binki top with some padding my other ones were showing some nip 😉

bikinifront bikiniback

I am proud of where I am and the effort I put into living a healthy life.  While I am completely out of my comfort zone sharing these, I am all for publicly embracing my body for a cause.  I am an activist at heart, after all.  

So let’s revolutionize the way we see our bodies, the way we talk about our bodies and the way we view each other.  Let’s start loving ourselves for who we are and stop comparing to ideals.  It’s time to redefine what it means to be healthy, beautiful and successful. 

Oh and on behalf of Brooke, go shove it SHAPE Magazine!

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