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MilestonePod Review | TheFitFoodieMama.comI originally saw MilestonePod on a blog or Instagram or somewhere on social media this past winter.  My initial impression upon seeing it was that it was merely a pedometer of sorts and I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure right away what it was all about. Then, over the last several months I kept seeing them pop up more and more on social media so I decided to investigate further and discovered that MilestonePod was so much more than a pedometer.  
In fact, these Pods not only track your steps (which is not it’s main intent) but they are meant to record your mileage on your running shoes which is important information to know so that you have a better idea of when to replace your shoes to prevent injury.  The Pod also tracks pace, cadence, and calories burned.  All of this information can be synced via Bluetooth and downloaded into the MilestonePod app that will display a ton of information about each run.MilestonePod Review |
Setting up the MilestonePod is fairly easy, you just take it out of the box, install the battery, sync to the app via bluetooth (make sure you download the app first) then lace through your shoe and go! Once you have it laced through, there is no need to remove it or even press a button.  The Pod will start collecting data as soon as it senses movement and will even store up to two weeks of mileage including individual run mileage which you can view on the MilestonePod application. 
Above are a few different screen shots from the app from one of my recent runs. As you can see, it will display which shoe you used to run and will sync all the information about each run including;  duration, distance, pace and cadence on the dashboard.  Within the app you can also look at your run details which will display more information such as; time of run, distance, pace and peak pace, duration, cadence and peak cadence, stance time and it’s peak, calories burned and total steps.
To ensure that it tracks properly, you can adjust your run distance if it differs from what the pod has recorded which will help to calibrate the Pod for future runs. There is also a Facebook sharing feature as well as a place to store your emergency contact and medical information.

MilestonePod Review |

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MilestonePod comes in three colors; black, blue and pink.  I chose the pink one because it oh so perfectly matches my new running shoes, as you can see above. 😉
My experience: 
Since receiving the MilestonePod approximately 10 days ago, I have completed 5 runs/ 43 miles with it and I can honestly say that I think it is really a cool little gadget. The initial set up was fairly simple, although it did take me a few tries to get it to sync to the app (probably my fault as I am a bit tech impaired).  Using the Pod is seriously as easy as walking out the door and syncing it is as simple as refreshing the MilestonePod app.  
This thing is my new running must have, for real. There have even been two occasions where my regular GPS tracking app has failed me and the Pod came to the rescue at the end of those runs by allowing me to view my run details which provided me with data that I would have been without otherwise.  Seriously, not knowing your time or pace or distance is a NIGHTMARE and this thing was like a little magic nugget of numbers <3
Overall, I give MilestonePod two big thumbs up! I am even going to invest in a few more Pods to pair with my other shoes and right now they are having a HUGE sale plus a pretty awesome contest all September.  Here are the details straight from MilestonePod themselves: 

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Coupon Code EXP. Sept 1, 2014

 It’s time to get motivated to get out there and run or walk! Why you ask? Besides the long list of health benefits, MilestonePod is adding a bonus incentive… how would you like a brand new pair of shoes?!?  Every Monday in September, MilestonePod is giving away FREE SHOES to a lucky MilestonePod user. Every time you sync a run/walk you are entered; the more you sync, the more chances you have to win!
But wait, there’s more! The first 50 people to sync 15 runs/walks during the month of September will win a free technical shirt!
Podless?  To get ready for September Sync for SHOES month, MilestonePod is having a MEGA SALE, so everyone can participate in this fun contest! Starting August 1st, our Pods will be on sale for $9.95 (that’s 60% off)!!!!
 At checkout, use coupon code: syncforshoes.  Here are the full contest details
Pretty awesome, right? I know I will be syncing my shoes all September long- who doesn’t want to win a new pair of shoes?!?
**Disclaimer** I was provided product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and ideas are my own. 
QOTD: How do you track the mileage on your running shoes? 

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