I’m a Mio Brand Champion!

I am excited to officially announce that I am a Mio Brand Champion! While I have posted about it on my Facbook page and Instagram, I have not had the chance to write a proper blog post to tell you how excited I am to be part of Team Mio!

photo-3.PNGI have been a huge fan of Mio for a long time and have been sporting the Mio Alpha since it was released back in early 2013.  I originally found the Mio Alpha while it was still a Kickstarter program when I was pregnant with my second daughter and searching for a strapless heart rate monitor.  There really weren’t that many that existed on the market at the time and I wasn’t interested in sporting a strap around my growing abdomen so I added my name to the list to be emailed once it was released to the public. 

As soon as it was released, I purchased it and have been in love ever since! I use it for everything from strength training to conditioning workouts and running. 

Mio Brand Champion #TrainWithHeartWhat I love about it is that it is really simple to use- you just put the watch on, press the toggle button to find your heart rate and go! The watch will display the time, your heart rate, review of last use and is also equipped with a timer. What’s even cooler is that while the watch is in use it will beep/display color indicator if your heart rate is too low or too high.

Mio Alpha Strapless Heart Rate Watch

To view other stats such as distance, calories burned, speed or pace you can link it to your phone via Bluetooth and use compatible applications to view that information. I have always used MapMyFitness to record my workout information and it has paired very nicely.  Since my initial purchase of the Mio Alpha, Mio Global has released their brand specific app called Mio Go.  While I have yet to use it, I plan on trying it out now that I also have the new Mio Link to play around with :)

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Mio Brand Champion #TrainWithHeart

Mio Brand Champion #TrainWithHeartAs part of my welcoming gift from Mio Global, I was given the new Mio Link- WOOHOO! It differs from the Alpha in that there isn’t a face to display the heart rate, rather it signals in various different colors depending on where you are in your zone. 

Mio Brand Champion #TrainWithHeartI have only had the opportunity to try it out twice since receiving it- once during a strength circuit workout and the other during a short four mile run.  So far I am really pleased with it but I am still in the process of familiarizing myself with how it works and how I can best incorporate it into my different workouts.  What I do love about it so far is that it is sleek and tight fitting around my small wrists. 

Mio Brand Champion #TrainWithHeartI plan to write another post with a review about the Mio LInk once I have had the opportunity to use it more but if it performs anything like the Alpha, I will be very pleased!

Overall I love using heart rate monitor training to stay within the zone of my target heart rate and maximize the benefits of my workouts.  It has helped me to become a stronger, faster and better runner along with all of the strength and conditioning workouts I do in between. 

If you’re interested in using HRM training to improve your results here are some tips from Mio Brand Champion athlete, Joseph Gray- 10 Tips for Heart Rate Monitor Training.   Also, if you decide you want to buy the Alpha or Link, let me know! I have a unique 25% off discount code that I would be happy to share with you :)

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Thank you again to Mio Global for making me part of Team Mio! I couldn’t be happier or more proud to be a Mio Brand Champion!

Do you use heart rate monitoring to train? How do you #trainwithheart?

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