Mio FUSE Review: Heart Rate Training + All Day Activity Tracker

Mio FUSE Review

As most of you might know, last year I became an ambassador for Mio Global, makers of strapless heart rate watches and wristbands.  I am pleased and honored to announce that I have been accepted as an ambassador/brand champion again for the 2015 calendar year! 

As an ambassador I am given the opportunity to try out their latest strapless heart rate gear (hard job, I know) and most recently I was sent the Mio FUSE which is not only a heart rate monitor but is also an activity tracker! 

Before I get into all the fun components of the FUSE, let me first explain the continuous technology behind Mio’s strapless heart rate monitoring.  

The continuous technology is featured on all of their wristbands and watches.  On the back of each, you can find integrated LEDs which shine light onto the skin which then allows the electro-optical cell to read your volume of blood flow.  Mio Continuous Technology is just as accurate as a chest strap, not to mention award winning!

Pretty cool, right? So what exactly does the FUSE do? Well aside from reading your heart rate all without the use of a chest strap, it also captures your daily performance and activity.  Here is what it does in a nutshell: 

  • Read EKG-accurate heart rate data, with no chest strap required
  • Tracks steps, distance, pace and calories 
  • Water resistant up to 30m
  • Customizable display and heart rate zones
  • Connects with both iPhone and Androids apps
  • Syncs heart rate to GPS watches & bike computers via ANT+
  • Stores activity data (up to 2 weeks of daily activity and 30 hours of workout data) and wirelessly syncs to Mio GO app 

The FUSE is also available in two sizes, one for larger wrists (6.1″ – 8.2″) in Crimson and one for smaller wrists (5.9″- 7″) in Aqua.  Mio FUSE

I received the Aqua- because I have a baby sized wrist and it fits perfectly.  The band is easy enough to adjust since the it’s made of a soft silicone material and can be adjusted pretty much anywhere along the the strap.  

Mio Fuse Review

The FUSE was pretty easy to set up as well.  First you charge it using the USB charger that comes with it then download the Mio GO app onto your smartphone.  Make sure the bluetooth function is turned on and in the Mio GO App, select the FUSE. 


Once you sync the FUSE the time will automatically update.  Within the app you can also customize your device, such as: choosing heart rate training mode, setting heart rate zones (read how to calculate heart rate zone before), setting your daily goal, arm position (right or left), vibration alerts, FUSE display options and lock screen feature.  

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After you customize your settings, you’re ready to go and start using your new HRM and activity tracker!  The Mio FUSE is designed as a touch operated device and has several Touchpoints for navigating the screen.

Side note: Touchpoints are only active when your arm is horizontal, not vertical in order to prevent accidental triggering.  There have been a few occasions when I thought it needed to be charged when in fact, I just wasn’t holding my arm straight. 

Mio FUSE Review

A. Heart Rate/ Timer Touch Point

B/C. Scroll Touch Point. Located on either side of the display (D)

D. Display

E. Heart Rate Indicator Light

The Mio FUSE can be used in either an ALL-DAY Mode or WORKOUT Mode.

Mio FUSE Review

When used in ALL-DAY Mode, the FUSE tracks your accumulated steps, calories, distance and goal progress and automatically resets to zero at midnight.  

Mio GO

You can also sync your activity data with the Mio GO app every night, but if you forget to at the end of the day, no worries, the FUSE will store up to 14 days of data before it starts to overwrite the oldest daily summary. 

To use in WORKOUT mode, touch and hold “A” to find your heart rate. Make sure to hold your arm straight when doing this.  

The display will then say “FIND” and search for your heart rate, once it is found your heart rate with be displayed along with the little heart.  To go into WORKOUT Mode, simply tap “A” and the display will say “GO”.  You can then start your workout.  To pause or stop, hit “A” again and hold until it says QUIT. 

You can also upload your workout summary into the Mio GO app where it will break it down even further for you.  Again, if you forget don’t worry, the FUSE will hold 30 hours of workout data. 

As you can see in the two screen shots above, the Mio GO app will list both your workouts and daily activity summary.  By tapping the arrow, you can see a further breakdown of your workout where it will list your heart rate, speed and pace as well as display a graph of your heart rate and indicate what zone you were in most frequently. 

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The pace is a little off on mine since I was on the treadmill doing intervals and often grabbed onto the side handle.  I haven’t gotten to run outside much since receiving the FUSE but others who have purchased it have reported back to me that it was accurate and matched up to their GPS reading. 

Speaking of GPS watches, here is a chart that indicates the best way to wear the FUSE for running, cycling and with your GPS: 

Mio FUSE Review

I personally own the Garmin Forerunner 220 and have used them together but only one time (I’ve only had my Garmin since Christmas and haven’t been running outside much), but it was quite easy to set up via Bluetooth. 

Mio FUSE Review

In your Garmin go into Menu >> Settings >> Sensors >> Heart Rate and it will search for it, just make sure your FUSE is actively reading your HR or it won’t detect it when you’re initially setting it up. 

The FUSE is compatible with a number ANT+ devices including a variety of GPS watches and activity trackers.  Visit their device compatibility link on their site to see the full list.  

To see the FUSE in action and for more instructions on how to set up, use and wear the FUSE as well as how to customize the Mio GO app, check out the video below: 

Overall, I really love the Mio FUSE and have enjoyed using it over the last month.  I still would like to test it outside more and compare it against my GPS, I will certainly update this post when I do! 

Mio also offers other wristband technology including the ALPHA, ALPHA2, LINK and VELO.  

Mio Affiliate


If you’re looking to purchase the FUSE or any of their other strapless heart rate technology, please feel free to use my 25% off code ANNMARIELICA! :) 

QOTD: Have you discovered heart rate training? How do you monitor your heart rate? 

Mio FUSE Review

I have linked up with Nicole from Fitful Focus to share this post for Fit & Fashionable Friday! :) 

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